Journal of Sport History, Volume 46, 2019, Number 2: Indigenous Resurgence, Regeneration, and Decolonization through Sport History

Indigenous Resurgence, Regeneration, and Decolonization through Sport History
Murray G. Phillips, Russell Field, Christine O’Bonsawin, Janice Forsyth
pp. 143-156

Opening Words: An Eleven-Year Journey of Indoctrination
Eugene Wesley Arcand
pp. 157-165

Beyond Competition: An Indigenous Perspective on Organized Sport
Brian Rice
pp. 166-174

Witnessing Painful Pasts: Understanding Images of Sports at Canadian Indian Residential Schools
Taylor McKee, Janice Forsyth
pp. 175-188

Engaging (with) Indigeneity: Decolonization and Indigenous/Indigenizing Sport History
Malcolm MacLean
pp. 189-207

#87: Reconciliation, Sport History, and Indigenous Peoples in Canada
Victoria Paraschak
pp. 208-223

Free, Prior, and Informed Consent: The Olympic Movement’s International Responsibilities to Indigenous Peoples in Canada and across the Globe
Christine O’Bonsawin
pp. 224-241

Space, Environment, and Appropriation: Sport and Settler Colonialism in Mi’kma’ki
John Reid
pp. 242-254

Indigenous and Colonial Physical Culture in Lethbridge: Sport, Contact, and Settlement on the Prairie Frontier
Robert Kossuth
pp. 255-272

Enduring Legacies and Convergent Identities: The Male-Dominated Origins of the Kenyan Running Explosion
Michelle Sikes
pp. 273-287

Decolonizing Dialogues: Sport, Resistance, and Australian Aboriginal Settlements
Gary Osmond
pp. 288-301

A Field of Dreamers on Stolen Land: Practices of Unsettling on the Recreational Softball Diamonds of Tkaronto
Craig Fortier, Colin Hastings
pp. 302-317

Closing Words: Sports Saved My Life
Eugene Wesley Arcand
pp. 318-324

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