Journal of Sport Behavior, Vol. 45, 2022, No. 3


“CrossFit Has Proven You Can Be Muscular and Still Be Feminine” Exploring Comparative Practices Within CrossFit
Hannah Bennett, Caitlyn Hauff, Christina Gipson, Nancy Malcom
pp. 1-16

Associations Between Sports and Exercise Participation, Use of Narcotic Pain Relievers, and Concussions in High-School Seniors
Bryan Denham
pp. 17-30

Perception of Social Support in Injury Recovery and Return-to-Play PreparednessA Pilot Study
Haleigh Gray, Alice McLaine, Martha Dettl-Rivera, Shelley Hamill, Ryan N. Moran
pp. 31-40

Too Much of a Good Thing? Exploring Diminishing Returns in Collegiate Recreational Sports
Leeann M. Lower-Hoppe, Laura S. Dahl, Shea M. Brgoch, Stephen Dahl
pp. 41-60

Coping Skills of NCAA Division I Field Athletes
Andrew D. Polenske, Michael Meyers, Hannah W. Wright, Shad K. Robinson, Kristin M. Shuman
pp. 61-74

Morality, Dysfunction, and Identification: An Examination of Collegiate Football Fans
Tammy Sheehy
pp. 75-90


Ghost Games: Crowds, Referee Bias, and Home Advantage in European Football Leagues
Amy Wolaver, Christopher Magee

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