Journal of Sport Behavior Vol. 38, No. 1, March 2015

Publisher: Psychology Department, University of South Alabama
Publisher: Psychology Department, University of South Alabama

An Investigation of Optimism between Players and Coaches in NCAA Men’s Division I Golf
In 1864, the Yale rowing team hired the first intercollegiate coach in history as William Wood was brought in to help Yale beat its’ rival Harvard (Dealy, 1990). Since this initial hiring college coaching has evolved into a multi-million dollar profession….

Exploring Nonverbal Behavior in Elite Handball Players: Development of the Handball Post-Shot Behavior Coding Scheme (H-PSB-CS)
Matches in team sport competitions normally last at least an hour and involve many situations in which athletes attempt to score. These attempts can result in either success (i.e. score) or failure (i.e. shots that do not result in a goal). Based on…

“Our Game Our Gold”: Newspaper Narratives about the Canadian Men’s Ice Hockey Team at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games
The 2010 Winter Olympic Games (WOG) were held in Vancouver and the importance of winning gold in ice hockey, Canada’s national winter sport, was of paramount symbolic importance to many Canadians. Although the Canadian women’s team mirrored the men’s…

Parent Involvement in Canadian Youth Hockey: Experiences and Perspectives of Peewee Players
An abundance of research has supported the notion that Canadian hockey has an aggressive and violent atmosphere (e.g., Loughead & Leith, 2001; Pappas, McKenry, & Catlett, 2004; Visek & Watson, 2005), and this confrontational atmosphere…

Social Goal Orientations, Perceived Beliefs of Significant Others, and Adolescents’ Own Beliefs about Unsportspersonlike Play
The relationships athletes have with coaches and peers influence athletes’ beliefs and behaviors in the sport context (for reviews see Horn, 2008; Weiss & Stuntz, 2004). Considering both social-contextual (e.g., beliefs of others) and personal…

The Influence of Football Head Coaching Change in the Football Championship Subdivision: An Evaluation of the NCAA Academic Progress Rate
College football has become one of the largest and most celebrated forms of sport (Smith, 2011). Participation at the highest level of collegiate football includes institutions that comprise the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Football…

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