Journal of Sport Behavior Vol. 37, No. 4, December 2014

Publisher: Psychology Department, University of South Alabama
Publisher: Psychology Department, University of South Alabama

A Minimalist Approach to Training Exercisers to Estimate and Control Heart Rate
Physical activities that challenge skeletal-muscular, cardiopulmonary, and vascular systems to function significantly above resting or baseline levels induce adaptations that, in most people, can increase the range of those physiological functions….

A Survey of Grit and Exercise Behavior
Exercise is a healthful activity associated with several well-known benefits including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (Hu, Tuomilehto, Silventoinen, Barengo, & Jousilahti, 2004) and type 2 diabetes (Lynch et al., 1996) and greater overall…

Destined to Succeed? Team Identification and the Attributional Bias of NFL Fans
Being a fan in today’s media saturated sport marketplace can be an emotional roller coaster, and often times, the conclusion of the season can be most maddening. From front office firings and coaching changes to ring ceremonies and White House visits,…

Mental Toughness in Soccer: A Behavioral Analysis
Identifying factors contributing to sporting performance is a key challenge for teams, coaches, and government bodies. Mental toughness is an area that has received significant discussion in recent sport psychology literature (e.g., Connaughton, Hanton,…

Perceptions of Eating Behaviors, Body Image, and Social Pressures in Female Division II College Athletes and Non-Athletes
Much research has examined the relationship of body image attitudes and psychosocial functioning and well-being. The antecedents and correlates of body image are complex and include the developmental influences of cultural, familiar, and interpersonal…

The Consequences of Disappointment in Team Performance among Baseball Fans
Disappointment is a very common emotional experience. Schimmack and Diener (1997) have reported that it is the third most frequent, and the most intense, of negative emotions reported by college students. In his structural theory of human emotion,…

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