Journal of Sport and Health Science, Volume 11, 2022, Issue 1

Special topic on Winter Olympic Games

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games: Commitments to science and public health
Pages 1-2
Yu Liu, Barbara E. Ainsworth, Erich Müller

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: An opportunity to promote physical activity and winter sports in Chinese youth
Pages 3-5
Barbara E. Ainsworth, James F. Sallis

Incidence of injuries in professional snow sports: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Pages 6-13
Xue-Lei Fu, Lin Du, Yi-Ping Song, Hong-Lin Chen, Wang-Qin Shen

“When you’re down, stay down”: A lesson for all competitive alpine skiers supported by an ACL rupture measured in vivo
Pages 14-20
Jörg Spörri, Erich Müller, Josef Kröll

Maximizing recovery time between knock-out races improves sprint cross-country skiing performance
Pages 21-29
Kerry McGawley, Coline Van Waerbeke, Karl-Johan Westberg, Erik P. Andersson

Biomechanical analysis of the “running” vs. “conventional” diagonal stride uphill techniques as performed by elite cross-country skiers
Pages 30-39
Barbara Pellegrini, Chiara Zoppirolli, Federico Stella, Lorenzo Bortolan, Hans-Christer Holmberg, Federico Schena

Regular papers

Does eccentric exercise stimulate sarcomerogenesis?
Pages 40-42
Walter Herzog, Heiliane de Brito Fontana

Biceps femoris long head sarcomere and fascicle length adaptations after 3 weeks of eccentric exercise training
Pages 43-49
Patricio A. Pincheira, Melissa A. Boswell, Martino V. Franchi, Scott L. Delp, Glen A. Lichtwark

Knee biomechanics of patients with total knee replacement during downhill walking on different slopes
Pages 50-57
Chen Wen, Harold E. Cates, Joshua T. Weinhandl, Scott E. Crouter, Songning Zhang

Corticospinal activity during a single-leg stance in people with chronic ankle instability
Pages 58-66
Masafumi Terada, Kyle B. Kosik, Ryan S. McCann, Colin Drinkard, Phillip A. Gribble

Changes in segment coordination variability and the impacts of the lower limb across running mileages in half marathons: Implications for running injuries
Pages 67-74
Tony Lin-Wei Chen, Duo Wai-Chi Wong, Yan Wang, Qitao Tan, Wing-Kai Lam, Ming Zhang

Profiling elite male 100-m sprint performance: The role of maximum velocity and relative acceleration
Pages 75-84
Robin Healy, Ian C. Kenny, Andrew J. Harrison

Estimates of voluntary activation in individuals with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: Effects of type of stimulator, number of stimuli, and quantification technique
Pages 85-93
Steven A. Garcia, Kazandra M. Rodriguez, Scott R. Brown, Riann M. Palmieri-Smith, Chandramouli Krishnan

Residual force enhancement in human skeletal muscles: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Pages 94-103
Daiani de Campos, Lucas B.R. Orssatto, Gabriel S. Trajano, Walter Herzog, Heiliane de Brito Fontana

Sex differences in injury rates in team-sport athletes: A systematic review and meta-regression analysis
Pages 104-114
Astrid Zech, Karsten Hollander, Astrid Junge, Simon Steib, Andreas Groll, Jonas Heiner, Florian Nowak, Daniel Pfeiffer, Anna Lina Rahlf

Physical exercises for preventing injuries among adult male football players: A systematic review
Pages 115-122
Jorge Pérez-Gómez, José Carmelo Adsuar, Pedro E. Alcaraz, Jorge Carlos-Vivas

Interference screws vs. suture anchors for isolated medial patellofemoral ligament femoral fixation: A systematic review
Pages 123-129
Filippo Migliorini, Alice Baroncini, Jörg Eschweiler, Markus Tingart, Nicola Maffulli

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