Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, Volume 15, 2019, Issue 2

Rao-Blackwellizing field goal percentage
Daly-Grafstein, Daniel / Bornn, Luke
Page 85

Measuring soccer players’ contributions to chance creation by valuing their passes
Bransen, Lotte / Van Haaren, Jan / van de Velden, Michel
Page 97

Six-day footraces in the post-pedestrianism era
Salvesen, Greg
Page 117

Seeding the UEFA Champions League participants: evaluation of the reforms
Dagaev, Dmitry / Rudyak, Vladimir Yu.
Page 129

Automatic event detection in basketball using HMM with energy based defensive assignment
Keshri, Suraj / Oh, Min-hwan / Zhang, Sheng / Iyengar, Garud
Page 141

A characterization of the degree of weak and strong links in doubles sports
Gill, Paramjit S. / Swartz, Tim B.
Page 155

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