Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 14, 2017, Issue 6

Minimum Accelerometer Wear Time in Infants: A Generalizability Study
E. Andrew Pitchford, Leah R. Ketcheson, Hyun-Jin Kwon, and Dale A. Ulrich

Bike Desks in the Classroom: Energy Expenditure, Physical Health, Cognitive Performance, Brain Functioning, and Academic Performance
Tine Torbeyns, Bas de Geus, Stephen Bailey, Lieselot Decroix, Jeroen Van Cutsem, Kevin De Pauw, and Romain Meeusen

Physical Activity and Motor Competence Present a Positive Reciprocal Longitudinal Relationship Across Childhood and Early Adolescence
Rodrigo A. Lima, Karin Pfeiffer, Lisbeth R. Larsen, Anna Bugge, Niels C. Moller, Lars B. Anderson, and David F. Stodden

Active Travel to Primary Schools in Ireland: An Opportunistic Evaluation of a Natural Experiment
Barry Lambe, Niamh Murphy, and Adrian Bauman

Effects of School-Based Physical Activity Program on Students’ Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity and Perceptions of Physical Competence
Arto Gråstén, Anthony Watt, Jarmo Liukkonen, and Timo Jaakkola

A Comparative Study of Sleep and Mood Between Young Elite Athletes and Age-Matched Controls
Anette Harris, Hilde Gundersen, Pia Mørk Andreassen, Eirunn Thun, Bjørn Bjorvatn, and Ståle Pallesen

Gender Differences in the Domain-Specific Contributions to Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity, Accessed by GPS
Andreia Nogueira Pizarro, Jasper Schipperijn, José Carlos Ribeiro, António Figueiredo, Jorge Mota, and Maria Paula Santos

Effect of Moderate-Intensity Exercise on Inflammatory Markers Among Postmenopausal Women
Eduardo Federighi Baisi Chagas, Mariana Rotta Bonfim, Bruna Camilo Turi, Nair Cristina Margarida Brondino, and Henrique Luiz Monteiro

Subjective Responses to Interval and Continuous Exercise in Adults With Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction
Carley O’Neill and Shilpa Dogra

Greater Adherence to Recommended Morning Physical Activity is Associated With Greater Total Intervention-Related Physical Activity Changes in Bariatric Surgery Patients
Dale S. Bond, Hollie A. Raynor, J. Graham Thomas, Jessica Unick, Jennifer Webster, Beth Ryder, and Sivamainthan Vithiananthan

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