Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 14, 2017, Issue 4

Original Research

Validation of Questionnaire-Assessed Physical Activity in Comparison With Objective Measures Using Accelerometers and Physical Performance Measures Among Community-Dwelling Adults Aged ≥85 Years in Tokyo, Japan
Yuko Oguma, Yusuke Osawa, Michiyo Takayama, Yukiko Abe, Shigeho Tanaka, I-Min Lee, and Yasumichi Arai

Understanding the Demographic Differences in Neighborhood Walking Supports
Susan A. Carlson, Kathleen B. Watson, Prabasaj Paul, Thomas L. Schmid, and Janet E. Fulton

Association of Maximum Temperature With Sedentary Time in Older British Men
Claudio Sartini, Richard W Morris, Peter H Whincup, S Goya Wannamethee, Sarah Ash, Lucy Lennon, and Barbara J Jefferis

Objectively Measured Sedentary Behavior, Obesity, and Psychological Well-Being: A Cross-Sectional Study of Japanese Schoolchildren
Kaori Ishii, Ai Shibata, Minoru Adachi, Yoshiyuki Mano, and Koichiro Oka

Objectively Measured Physical Activity During Physical Education and School Recess and Their Associations With Academic Performance in Youth: The UP&DOWN Study
Irene Esteban-Cornejo, David Martinez-Gomez, Laura Garcia-Cervantes, Francisco B. Ortega, Alvaro Delgado-Alfonso, José Castro-Piñero, and Oscar L. Veiga

Ethnic Differences in Impact of Physical Activity Program on Psychological Symptoms in Youth
Jocelyn S. Carter, Sabrina Karczewski, Draycen D. DeCator, and Alescia M. Hollowell

Active Classrooms: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Effects of a Movement Integration Intervention on the Physical Activity Levels of Primary School Children
Rosemarie Martin and Elaine Murtagh

A Physical Activity Intervention Program in School is Also Accompanied by Higher Leisure-Time Physical Activity: A Prospective Controlled 3-Year Study in 194 Prepubertal Children
Felix Cronholm, Björn E. Rosengren, Caroline Karlsson, and Magnus K. Karlsson

Does Preschool Physical Activity and Electronic Media Use Predict Later Social and Emotional Skills at 6 to 8 Years? A Cohort Study
Trina Hinkley, Anna Timperio, Jo Salmon, and Kylie Hesketh


Effects of Elastic Resistance Exercise on Muscle Strength and Functional Performance in Healthy Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Poliana Alves de Oliveira, Juscelino Castro Blasczyk, Gerson Souza Junior, Karina Ferreira Lagoa, Milene Soares, Ricardo Jacó de Olive

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