Journal of Leisure Research Vol. 46 No. 5


Not Yet a Woman, Not Yet a Mom: The Leisure Experiences of Pregnant Adolescents
Brianna S. Clark, Denise M. Anderson

The Relationship Between Parental Attitudes Toward Nature and the Amount of Time Children Spend in Outdoor Recreation
Amy L. McFarland, Jayne M. Zajicek, Tina M. Waliczek

Physical Activity Levels and Preferences of Ethnically Diverse Visitors to Georgia State Parks
Lincoln Larson, Jason W. Whiting, Gary T. Green, J. M. Bowker

Development of a Whole Agency Approach to Market Segmentation in Parks
Dino Zanon, John Hall, Leonie Lockstone-Binney, Delene Weber

A Critical Examination of Couple Leisure and the Application of the Core and Balance Model
Peter J. Ward, Keith W. Barney, Neil R. Lundberg, Ramon B. Zabriskie

Minority Youth Participation in an Organized Sport Program: Needs, Motivations, and Facilitators
Monika Stodolska, Iryna Sharaievska, Scott Tainsky, Allison Ryan

Research Notes

Youth Time Outside: A Comparison of Time Use Methodologies
Michael B. Edwards, Mat D. Duerden, Robin D. Lizzo, Katherine S. Campbell, Lauren M. Kamper

The Effects of Entertainment and Fun on the Visitor’s Free-Choice Learning Experience
Christine M. Van Winkle

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