Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, Volume 20, June 2017

Full Length Article

Comparing students’ and managers’ perceptions of essential entry-level management competencies in the hospitality industry: An empirical study
Original Research Article Pages 32-46
Lan Jiang, George Alexakis

A gap in the sport management curriculum: An analysis of sexual harassment and sexual assault education in the United States   
Original Research Article Pages 65-75
Elizabeth A. Taylor, Robin Hardin

A stakeholder analysis of a service learning project for tourism development in An Ecuadorian Rural Community   
Original Research Article Pages 87-100
Pedro Longart, Eugenia Wickens, Walter Ocaña, Victor Llugsha

To align or not to align? Research methods and its relationship with dissertation marks across sport undergraduate degree programmes within a UK-based HE institution   
Original Research Article Pages 101-109
Laura J. Houghton, Emily L. Williams, Hollie S. Jones, Richard M. Page, John Bostock

How satisfying is real work? An analysis of student feedback on applied learning in a hospitality degree
Original Research Article Pages 110-121
Dale Thompson, Jill Poulston, Lindsay Neill

Students’ perception towards hospitality education: An anglo-cypriot critical study   
Original Research Article Pages 134-145
Stefanos Nachmias, Andreas Walmsley, Yianna Orphanidou

Academic Papers

Measuring the marginal effect of pro-environmental behaviour: Guided learning and behavioural enhancement   
Original Research Article Pages 16-26
Ding Hooi Ting, Charles Fang Chin Cheng

Prospective student’s motivations, perceptions and choice factors of a bachelor’s degree in tourism   
Original Research Article Pages 55-64
Catalina Juaneda, Raquel Herranz, Juan José Montaño

Practice Papers

Teaching evaluation practices: An early career practitioner’s reflections   
Original Research Article Pages 27-31
Kalyan Bhandari


Employers’ expectations of the employability skills needed in the sport and recreation environment   
Original Research Article Pages 1-9
E. Tsitskari, M. Goudas, E. Tsalouchou, M. Michalopoulou

Self-efficacy theory applied to undergraduate biomechanics instruction   
Original Research Article Pages 10-15
Brian Wallace, Thomas Kernozek

The impacts of self-efficacy on academic performance: An investigation of domestic and international undergraduate students in hospitality and tourism   
Original Research Article Pages 47-54
Huong T. Bui, Kevin Kam Fung So, Anna Kwek, John Rynne

Perceptual differences in core competencies between tourism industry practitioners and students using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)   
Original Research Article Pages 76-86
Namhyun Kim, Joungkoo Park, Jeong-Ja Choi

Travel agency managers’ perceptions of tourism industry employability   
Original Research Article Pages 122-133
Yao-Hsu Tsai

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