Journal for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour, Volume 4, 2021, Issue 1

Original Research

Concurrent Validity of ActiGraph GT3X+ and Axivity AX3 Accelerometers for Estimating Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior
Leila Hedayatrad, Tom Stewart, Scott Duncan
Page: 1–8
DOI: 10.1123/jmpb.2019-0075

Concurrent Measurement of Global Positioning System and Event-Based Physical Activity Data: A Methodological Framework for Integration
Anna M.J. Iveson, Malcolm H. Granat, Brian M. Ellis, Philippa M. Dall
Page: 9–22
DOI: 10.1123/jmpb.2020-0005

Translation of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire to Maltese and Reliability Testing
Karl Spiteri, Kate Grafton, John Xerri de Caro, David Broom
Page: 23–30
DOI: 10.1123/jmpb.2020-0031

Validity and Interinstrument Reliability of a Medical Grade Physical Activity Monitor in Older Adults
Myles W. O’Brien, William R. Wojcik, Jonathon R. Fowles
Page: 31–38
DOI: 10.1123/jmpb.2019-0074

Open Access
Convergent Validity of the Fitbit Charge 2 to Measure Sedentary Behavior and Physical Activity in Overweight and Obese Adults
Joanne A. McVeigh, Jennifer Ellis, Caitlin Ross, Kim Tang, Phoebe Wan, Rhiannon E. Halse, Satvinder Singh Dhaliwal, Deborah A. Kerr, Leon Straker
Page: 39–46
DOI: 10.1123/jmpb.2020-0014

Validation of Wearable Camera Still Images to Assess Posture in Free-Living Conditions
Julian Martinez, Autumn E. Decker, Chi C. Cho, Aiden Doherty, Ann M. Swartz, John Staudenmayer, Scott J. Strath
Page: 47–52
DOI: 10.1123/jmpb.2020-0038

Does Preoperative Pain Catastrophizing Influence Objectively Measured Physical Activity Before and After Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Prospective Cohort Study
Sara Birch, Torben Bæk Hansen, Maiken Stilling, Inger Mechlenburg
Page: 53–59
DOI: 10.1123/jmpb.2020-0024

Open Access
Comparison of a Thigh-Worn Accelerometer Algorithm With Diary Estimates of Time in Bed and Time Asleep: The 1970 British Cohort Study
Elif Inan-Eroglu, Bo-Huei Huang, Leah Shepherd, Natalie Pearson, Annemarie Koster, Peter Palm, Peter A. Cistulli, Mark Hamer, Emmanuel Stamatakis
Page: 60–67
DOI: 10.1123/jmpb.2020-0033

Accelerometer Calibration: The Importance of Considering Functionality
Scott J. Strath, Taylor W. Rowley, Chi C. Cho, Allison Hyngstrom, Ann M. Swartz, Kevin G. Keenan, Julian Martinez, John W. Staudenmayer
Page: 68–78
DOI: 10.1123/jmpb.2020-0027

Open Access
Agreement of Sedentary Behavior Metrics Derived From Hip- and Thigh-Worn Accelerometers Among Older Adults: With Implications for Studying Physical and Cognitive Health
John Bellettiere, Fatima Tuz-Zahra, Jordan A. Carlson, Nicola D. Ridgers, Sandy Liles, Mikael Anne Greenwood-Hickman, Rod L. Walker, Andrea Z. LaCroix, Marta M. Jankowska, Dori E. Rosenberg, Loki Natarajan
Page: 79–88
DOI: 10.1123/jmpb.2020-0036

Comparison of Three Algorithms Using Thigh-Worn Accelerometers for Classifying Sitting, Standing, and Stepping in Free-Living Office Workers
Bronwyn Clark, Elisabeth Winker, Matthew Ahmadi, Stewart Trost
Page: 89–95
DOI: 10.1123/jmpb.2020-0019

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