Introducing the International Platform of Sports Law Journals (IPSLJ)

ipsljThe International Platform of Sports Law Journals (IPSLJ) aims to provide updated information in the field of Sports Law and Policy and to promote closer relations among editors and authors of national and international sports law journals. It’s first newsletter was published 2011.

In the twice yearly published newsletters you will find the content of the Journals included on the Platform, but also relevant documents at international and national level. The latest newsletter has a list of 20 journals, with links to the Table of Content of the current issue. There’s also links to relevant content collected under headings such as “In the spotlight”, “Case law”, “Events and Masters”, “Publications” covering recent books, and “Job vacancies”.

Readers who wish to share with the IPSLJ Community some legal news, events, or publications, please just send an email to

The latest newsletter is here, and on this page you can subscribe.

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