International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 14, 2019, No. 3


. . . And Wile E. Coyote Caught the Road Runner
Martin Buchheit


Concurrent Training for Sports Performance: The 2 Sides of the Medal
Nicolas Berryman, Iñigo Mujika, and Laurent Bosquet


Improved Performance in National-Level Runners With Increased Training Load at 1600 and 1800 m
Avish P. Sharma, Philo U. Saunders, Laura A. Garvican-Lewis, Brad Clark, Marijke Welvaert, Christopher J. Gore, and Kevin G. Thompson

Intensity and Load Characteristics of Professional Road Cycling: Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Races
Dajo Sanders, Teun van Erp, and Jos J. de Koning

Real-Time Feedback on Mechanical Power Output: Facilitating Crew Rowers’ Compliance With Prescribed Training Intensity
Lotte L. Lintmeijer, A.J. “Knoek” van Soest, Freek S. Robbers, Mathijs J. Hofmijster, and Peter J. Beek

Enhancement of Mood but not Performance in Elite Athletes With Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation
Pedro L. Valenzuela, Carlos Amo, Guillermo Sánchez-Martínez, Elaia Torrontegi, Javier Vázquez-Carrión, Zigor Montalvo, Alejandro Lucia, and Pedro de la Villa

Optimization of the Force–Velocity Relationship Obtained From the Bench-Press-Throw Exercise: An a Posteriori Multicenter Reliability Study
Amador García-Ramos and Slobodan Jaric

The Threshold Ambient Temperature for the Use of Precooling to Improve Cycling Time-Trial Performance
Steve H. Faulkner, Iris Broekhuijzen, Margherita Raccuglia, Maarten Hupperets, Simon G. Hodder, and George Havenith

Cardiac Parasympathetic and Anaerobic Performance Recovery After High-Intensity Exercise in Rowers
Ana C. Holt, Daniel J. Plews, Katherine T. Oberlin-Brown, Fabrice Merien, and Andrew E. Kilding

Match-Related Time Course of Perceived Recovery in Youth Football Players
Darren J. Paul, Gustavo Tomazoli, and George P. Nassis

The Effect of 4-Week Stroboscopic Training on Visual Function and Sport-Specific Visuomotor Performance in Top-Level Badminton Players
Thorben Hülsdünker, Clara Rentz, Diemo Ruhnow, Hannes Käsbauer, Heiko K. Strüder, and Andreas Mierau

Influence of Exercise Time of Day on Salivary Melatonin Responses
Lara A. Carlson, Kaylee M. Pobocik, Michael A. Lawrence, Daniel A. Brazeau, and Alexander J. Koch

The Validation of Session Rating of Perceived Exertion for Quantifying Internal Training Load in Adolescent Distance Runners
Robert H. Mann, Craig A. Williams, Bryan C. Clift, and Alan R. Barker

Dose-Response Relationship of Weekly Resistance-Training Volume and Frequency on Muscular Adaptations in Trained Men
Samuel R. Heaselgrave, Joe Blacker, Benoit Smeuninx, James McKendry, and Leigh Breen

Association of Daily Workload, Wellness, and Injury and Illness During Tours in International Cricketers
Robert Ahmun, Steve McCaig, Jamie Tallent, Sean Williams, and Tim Gabbett

Improvement of Kinetic, Kinematic, and Qualitative Performance Variables of the Power Clean With the Hook Grip
Dustin J. Oranchuk, Eric J. Drinkwater, Riki S. Lindsay, Eric R. Helms, Eric T. Harbour, and Adam G. Storey

Presleep Casein Protein Ingestion: Acceleration of Functional Recovery in Professional Soccer Players
William Abbott, Adam Brett, Emma Cockburn, and Tom Clifford

Effects of Plyometric and Directional Training on Physical Fitness Parameters in Youth Soccer Players
Yiannis Michailidis, Alexandros Tabouris, and Thomas Metaxas


10 Years on Time–Motion and Motor Actions of Paired Mixed Martial Arts Athletes
Diego Alves dos Santos, Bianca Miarka, Fabio dal Bello, Andreia Cristiane Carrenho Queiroz, Pedro Henrique Berbert de Carvalho, Ciro José Brito, and Ralph Beneke

Validity of Session Rating of Perceived Exertion Assessed via the CR100 Scale to Track Internal Load in Elite Youth Football Players
Sharna A. Naidu, Maurizio Fanchini, Adam Cox, Joshua Smeaton, Will G. Hopkins, and Fabio R. Serpiello


Metabolic Power: A Step in the Right Direction for Team Sports
Ted Polglaze and Matthias W. Hoppe

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