International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 12, 2017, No. 9


The Game Is Fair Play: A Kind Reminder to Scientists About Their Role in Keeping Science Running
Karim Chamari and Ralph Beneke

Brief Review

Effects of Cycling Training at Imposed Low Cadences: A Systematic Review
Ernst A. Hansen and Bent R. Rønnestad

Original Investigation

A New Method to Individualize Monitoring of Muscle Recovery in Athletes
Anne Hecksteden, Werner Pitsch, Ross Julian, Mark Pfeiffer, Michael Kellmann, Alexander Ferrauti, and Tim Meyer

Pacing Strategies and Metabolic Responses During 4-Minute Running Time Trials
Jonathan Watkins, Simon Platt, Erik Andersson, and Kerry McGawley

Impaired Player–Coach Perceptions of Exertion and Recovery During Match Congestion
Steven H. Doeven, Michel S. Brink, Wouter G.P. Frencken, and Koen A.P.M. Lemmink

Timing Effect on Training-Session Rating of Perceived Exertion in Top-Class Soccer Referees
Carlo Castagna, Mario Bizzini, Susana Cristina Araújo Póvoas, and Stefano D’Ottavio

Supercompensation Kinetics of Physical Qualities During a Taper in Team-Sport Athletes
Bruno Marrier, Julien Robineau, Julien Piscione, Mathieu Lacome, Alexis Peeters, Christophe Hausswirth, Jean-Benoît Morin, and Yann Le Meur

Validity of Various Methods for Determining Velocity, Force, and Power in the Back Squat
Harry G. Banyard, Ken Nosaka, Kimitake Sato, and G. Gregory Haff

Confirming the Value of Swimming-Performance Models for Adolescents
Shilo J. Dormehl, Samuel J. Robertson, Alan R. Barker, and Craig A. Williams

Do Glucose and Caffeine Nasal Sprays Influence Exercise or Cognitive Performance?
Kevin De Pauw, Bart Roelands, Jeroen Van Cutsem, Lieselot Decroix, Angelica Valente, Kim Taehee, Robert B. Lettan, Andres E. Carrillo, and Romain Meeusen

Influence of Knowledge of Task Endpoint on Pacing and Performance During Simulated Rugby League Match Play
Jamie Highton, Thomas Mullen, and Craig Twist

Factors Affecting Match Running Performance in Professional Australian Football
Samuel Ryan, Aaron J. Coutts, Joel Hocking, and Thomas Kempton

The Effect of Plyometric Training Volume on Athletic Performance in Prepubertal Male Soccer Players
Helmi Chaabene and Yassine Negra

Monitoring Hitting Load in Tennis Using Inertial Sensors and Machine Learning
David Whiteside, Olivia Cant, Molly Connolly, and Machar Reid

The Player Load Associated With Typical Activities in Elite Netball
Jared A. Bailey, Paul B. Gastin, Luke Mackey, and Dan B. Dwyer

Development of 1500-m Pacing Behavior in Junior Speed Skaters: A Longitudinal Study
Rikstje Wiersma, Inge K. Stoter, Chris Visscher, Florentina J. Hettinga, and Marije T. Elferink-Gemser

Training-Intensity Distribution in Road Cyclists: Objective Versus Subjective Measures
Dajo Sanders, Tony Myers, and Ibrahim Akubat

The Relationship Between Training Load and Injury in Men’s Professional Basketball
Kaitlyn J. Weiss, Sian V. Allen, Mike R. McGuigan, and Chris S. Whatman

Analysis of Scoring of Maneuvers Performed in Elite Men’s Professional Surfing Competitions
James R. Forsyth, Ryan de la Harpe, Diane L. Riddiford-Harland, John W. Whitting, and Julie R. Steele

Load-, Force-, and Power-Velocity Relationships in the Prone Pull-Up Exercise
Mario Muñoz-López, David Marchante, Miguel A. Cano-Ruiz, José López Chicharro, and Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández

Long-Sprint Abilities in Soccer: Ball Versus Running Drills
Carlo Castagna, Lorenzo Francini, Susana C.A. Póvoas, and Stefano D’Ottavio

Brief Report

The Time Course of Perceptual Recovery Markers After Match Play in Division I-A College American Football
Hugh H.K. Fullagar, Andrew Govus, James Hanisch, and Andrew Murray

Accuracy and Validity of Commercially Available Kayak Ergometers
Thiago Oliveira Borges, Nicola Bullock, David Aitken, and Aaron J. Coutts

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