Performance Enhancement & Health, Vol. 5, 2017, Issue 4

‘Counting your steps’: The use of wearable technology to promote employees’ health and wellbeing
Pages 123-124
April Henning, Katinka van de Ven

Psychological tools used for monitoring training responses of athletes
Review Article Pages 125-133
Anu Nässi, Alexander Ferrauti, Tim Meyer, Mark Pfeiffer, Michael Kellmann

Doping vulnerabilities, rationalisations and contestations: The lived experience of national level athletes
Original Research Article Pages 134-141
L. Whitaker, S.H. Backhouse, J. Long

The usage and perceived effectiveness of different recovery modalities in amateur and elite Rugby athletes
Original Research Article Pages 142-146
Francisco Tavares, Phil Healey, Tiaki Brett Smith, Matthew Driller

Evaluation of psychological measures for the assessment of recovery and stress during a shock-microcycle in strength and high-intensity interval training
Original Research Article Pages 147-157
Brit Hitzschke, Thimo Wiewelhove, Christian Raeder, Alexander Ferrauti, Tim Meyer, Mark Pfeiffer, Michael Kellmann, Sarah Kölling

The paradox of human milk doping for anti-doping
Original Research Article Pages 158-165
Chantalle Forgues, Jason Mazanov, Julie Smith

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