International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 12, 2017, No. 8


Outside the Box
Martin Buchheit

Brief Review

Physiological Capacity and Training Routines of Elite Cross-Country Skiers: Approaching the Upper Limits of Human Endurance
Øyvind Sandbakk and Hans-Christer Holmberg

Original Investigation

Starvation Resulting From Inadequate Dietary Planning for a 50-Day Rowing Expedition
Hamish A.B. Reid, Nicholas C. Dennison, Jonathan Quayle, and Tom Preston

The Unlikeliness of an Imminent Sub-2-Hour Marathon: Historical Trends of the Gender Gap in Running Events
Ross Tucker and Jordan Santos-Concejero

Validity, Sensitivity, Reproducibility, and Robustness of the PowerTap, Stages, and Garmin Vector Power Meters in Comparison With the SRM Device
Anthony Bouillod, Julien Pinot, Georges Soto-Romero, William Bertucci, and Frederic Grappe

Carbohydrate Mouth Rinsing: Improved Neuromuscular Performance During Isokinetic Fatiguing Exercise
Ilenia Bazzucchi, Federica Patrizio, Francesco Felici, Andrea Nicolò, and Massimo Sacchetti

Peak Running Intensity of International Rugby: Implications for Training Prescription
Jace A. Delaney, Heidi R. Thornton, John F. Pryor, Andrew M. Stewart, Ben J. Dascombe, and Grant M. Duthie

Velocity, Oxygen Uptake, and Metabolic Cost of Pull, Kick, and Whole-Body Swimming
Kirstin S. Morris, Mark A. Osborne, Megan E. Shephard, David G. Jenkins, and Tina L. Skinner

Sled Towing: The Optimal Overload for Peak Power Production
Andrea Monte, Francesca Nardello, and Paola Zamparo

Methodological Considerations When Quantifying High-Intensity Efforts in Team Sport Using Global Positioning System Technology
Matthew C. Varley, Arne Jaspers, Werner F. Helsen, and James J. Malone

Optimal Loading for Maximizing Power During Sled-Resisted Sprinting
Matt R. Cross, Matt Brughelli, Pierre Samozino, Scott R. Brown, and Jean-Benoit Morin

The Effects of Compression-Garment Pressure on Recovery After Strenuous Exercise
Jessica Hill, Glyn Howatson, Ken van Someren, David Gaze, Hayley Legg, Jack Lineham, and Charles Pedlar

The Influence of Blood Removal on Pacing During a 4-Minute Cycling Time Trial
Nathan G. Lawler, Chris R. Abbiss, Aaron Raman, Timothy J. Fairchild, Garth L. Maker, Robert D. Trengove, and Jeremiah J. Peiffer

Player Responses to Match and Training Demands During an Intensified Fixture Schedule in Professional Rugby League: A Case Study
Craig Twist, Jamie Highton, Matthew Daniels, Nathan Mill, and Graeme Close

Effect of Concussion on Performance of National Football League Players
Nicole Reams, Rodney A. Hayward, Jeffrey S. Kutcher, and James F. Burke

Running Performance With Nutritive and Nonnutritive Sweetened Mouth RinsesKeely R. Hawkins, Sridevi Krishnan, Lara Ringos, Vanessa Garcia, and Jamie A. Cooper

Invited Commentary

Houston, We Still Have a Problem
Martin Buchheit

Brief Report

Are There Potential Safety Problems Concerning the Use of Electronic Performance-Tracking Systems? The Experience of a Multisport Elite Club
Daniel Medina, Eduard Pons, Antonio Gomez, Marc Guitart, Andres Martin, Jairo Vazquez-Guerrero, Ismael Camenforte, Berta Carles, and Roger Font

A Pilot Study Using Entropy as a Noninvasive Assessment of Running
Andrew M. Murray, Joong Hyun Ryu, John Sproule, Anthony P. Turner, Phil Graham-Smith, and Marco Cardinale

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