International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 12, 2017, No. 10


Amazing Athletes With Ordinary Habits: Why Is Changing Behavior So Difficult?
Shona L. Halson and Michelle Lastella

Brief Review

Characteristics and Challenges of Open-Water Swimming Performance: A Review
Roberto Baldassarre, Marco Bonifazi, Paola Zamparo, and Maria Francesca Piacentini

Original Investigations

Monitoring Elite Soccer Players’ External Loads Using Real-Time Data
Steve Barrett

Wingate Test as a Strong Predictor of 1500-m Performance in Elite Speed Skaters
Nico Hofman, Jac Orie, Marco J.M. Hoozemans, Carl Foster, and Jos J. de Koning

Editor’s pick
Demands of World Cup Competitions in Elite Women’s Road Cycling
Paolo Menaspà, Marco Sias, Gene Bates, and Antonio La Torre

The Influence of Playing Experience and Position on Injury Risk in NCAA Division I College Football Players
Robert McCunn, Hugh H.K. Fullagar, Sean Williams, Travis J. Halseth, John A. Sampson, and Andrew Murray

Qualitative Video Analysis of Track-Cycling Team Pursuit in World-Class Athletes
Samuel Sigrist, Thomas Maier, and Raphael Faiss

Cycling Versus Uphill Walking: Impact on Locomotor Muscle Fatigue and Running Exercise
Benjamin Pageaux, Jean Theurel, and Romuald Lepers

Staying Out of Range: Increasing Attacking Distance in Fencing
Anthony N. Turner, Geoff Marshall, Angelo Noto, Shyam Chavda, Nathan Atlay, and David Kirby

Comparison of Heart-Rate-Variability Recording With Smartphone Photoplethysmography, Polar H7 Chest Strap, and Electrocardiography
Daniel J. Plews, Ben Scott, Marco Altini, Matt Wood, Andrew E. Kilding, and Paul B. Laursen

Assessments of Mechanical Stiffness and Relationships to Performance Determinants in Middle-Distance Runners
Simon A. Rogers, Chris S. Whatman, Simon N. Pearson, and Andrew E. Kilding

Neuromuscular Fatigue After Repeated Jumping With Concomitant Electrical Stimulation
Daria Neyroud, Jimmy Samararatne, Bengt Kayser, and Nicolas Place

The Effects of Caffeine, Taurine, or Caffeine-Taurine Coingestion on Repeat-Sprint Cycling Performance and Physiological Responses
Rory Warnock, Owen Jeffries, Stephen Patterson, and Mark Waldron

Decrement in Professional Cyclists’ Performance After a Grand Tour
Jose A. Rodríguez-Marroyo, José G. Villa, Raúl Pernía, and Carl Foster

Reliability and Seasonal Changes of Submaximal Variables to Evaluate Professional Cyclists
Jose A. Rodríguez-Marroyo, Raúl Pernía, José G. Villa, and Carl Foster

Validation of a Maximal Incremental Skating Test Performed on a Slide Board: Comparison With Treadmill Skating
Tatiane Piucco, Fernando Diefenthaeler, Rogério Soares, Juan M. Murias, and Guillaume Y. Millet

Effects of Bout Duration on Players’ Internal and External Loads During Small-Sided Games in Young Soccer Players
Yusuf Köklü, Utku Alemdaroğlu, Hamit Cihan, and Del P. Wong

Movement Velocity as Indicator of Relative Intensity and Level of Effort Attained During the Set in Pull-Up Exercise
Miguel Sánchez-Moreno, David Rodríguez-Rosell, Fernando Pareja-Blanco, Ricardo Mora-Custodio, and Juan José González-Badillo

Optimizing the Team for Required Power During Track-Cycling Team Pursuit
Levi Heimans, Wouter R. Dijkshoorn, Marco J.M. Hoozemans, and Jos J. de Koning

Brief Reports

The Potential for a Targeted Strength-Training Program to Decrease Asymmetry and Increase Performance: A Proof of Concept in Sprinting
Scott R. Brown, Erin R. Feldman, Matt R. Cross, Eric R. Helms, Bruno Marrier, Pierre Samozino, and Jean-Benoît Morin

Updated Review of the Applied Physiology of American College Football: Physical Demands, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, and Injury Characteristics of America’s Favorite Game
Hugh H.K. Fullagar, Robert McCunn, and Andrew Murray

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