International Journal of Event and Festival Management, Volume 13, 2022, Issue 1

Open Access
Towards a conceptual definition of intangible Olympic legacy
Vassil Girginov, Holger Preuss

Image, eventscape, satisfaction and loyalty: a case study of a wine tourism event
Olga Goncalves, Raquel Camprubí, Cendrine Fons, Bernardin Solonandrasana

What is in it for me? Perceived benefits and costs on the support of a sporting event
Cindy Lee, Hyejin Bang, Doyeon Won, Lei Chen

“It’s not just parties, it’s so much more”: student perceptions of the credibility of UK events management degrees
Thomas Fletcher, Neil Ormerod, Katherine Dashper, James Musgrave, Andrew Bradley, Alan Marvell

The Rock in Rio extraordinary consumer experience journey: a value-based approach
Aline Höpner, Stefânia Ordovás de Almeida, Vinícius Sittoni Brasil

The role of academic conferences in the [re]production of gender inequality in business disciplines: not just a STEM problem
Trudie Walters, Najmeh Hassanli, Wiebke Finkler


Motivations for participation in active sports tourism: a cross-national study
Sita Mishra, Gunjan Malhotra, Maria Johann, Shalini Rahul Tiwari

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