International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 17, 2022, Issue 1

Original research

“Are you really proud of me?” Influence of stereotype threats on college athletes’ career thoughts
Yawen Hsu, Yinru Li

Open Access
Estimating somatic maturity in adolescent soccer players: Methodological comparisons
Jamie Salter, Sean Cumming, Jonathan D Hughes, Mark De Ste Croix

Open Access
Application of the behaviour change technique taxonomy (BCTTv1) to an inclusive physical literacy-based sport program for children and youth
Shannon E Weissman, Ryanne Perinpanayagam, F. Virginia Wright, Kelly P Arbour-Nicitopoulos

Influence of non-scorer floater and numerical superiority on novices’ tactical behaviour and skill efficacy during basketball small-sided games
Laura Beatriz Faleiro Diniz, Sarah da Glória Teles Bredt, Gibson Moreira Praça

Designing facilitated task constraints for different age groups in soccer: The impact of floaters’ rules
Gibson Moreira Praça, Pedro Emílio Drumond Moreira, Marcelo Rochael, Gustavo Barbosa, Bruno Travassos

Effects of an integrative neuromuscular training protocol vs. FIFA 11+ on sprint, change of direction performance and inter-limb asymmetries in young soccer players
Jorge Arede, John Fernandes, Jason Moran, Nuno Leite, Daniel Romero-Rodriguez, Marc Madruga-Parera

How does practice change across the season? A descriptive study of the training structures and practice activities implemented by a professional Australian football team
Rhys Tribolet, William Bradshaw Sheehan, Andrew Roman Novak, Mark Langley Watsford, Job Fransen

Classifying player positions in second-tier Australian football competitions using technical skill indicators
Adrian J Barake, Heather Mitchell, Constantino Stavros, Mark F Stewart, Preety Srivastava

Longitudinal tracking of body composition, lower limb force-time characteristics and swimming start performance in high performance swimmers
Shiqi Thng, Simon Pearson, Evelyne Rathbone, Justin WL Keogh

Open Access
Sprint development practices in elite football code athletes
Ben Nicholson, Alex Dinsdale, Ben Jones, Omar Heyward, Kevin Till

Catapult start likely improves sprint start performance
Ryu Nagahara, Sam Gleadhill

The effect of spin level and ball exit speed on forearm muscle activity in the tennis forehand stroke
Chantelle Rigozzi, Jeremy Cox, Gareth A Vio, William L Martens, Philip Poronnik

Open Access
“Small steps, or giant leaps?” Comparing game demands of U23, U18, and U16 English academy soccer and their associations with speed and endurance
Ben Smalley, Chris Bishop, Sean J Maloney

Is there a relationship between the overhead press and split jerk maximum performance? Influence of sex
Marcos A Soriano, G Gregory Haff, Paul Comfort, Francisco J Amaro-Gahete, Antonio Torres-González, Angel García-Cifo, Ester Jiménez-Ormeño, Pilar Sainz de Baranda

Open Access
The association between training load indices and upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) in elite soccer players
Caoimhe Tiernan, Thomas Comyns, Mark Lyons, Alan M Nevill, Giles Warrington


Card collection: An examination of whether yellow and red cards affect base salary under Major League Soccer’s salary cap
Jenna Lussier, Jun Woo Kim, Marshall J Magnusen, Kyoung Tae Kim

Effect of quality of opposition on game performance indicators in elite male volleyball
Sotirios Drikos, Karolina Barzouka, Dimitrios G Balasas, Konstantinos Sotiropoulos

Evaluating basketball player’s rotation line-ups performance via statistical markov chain modelling
Pavlos Kolias, Nikolaos Stavropoulos, Alexandra Papadopoulou, Theodoros Kostakidis

Case Study

Case reports of athletes affected by rhabdomyolysis: A systematic review
Guilherme Henrique Mattos Dantas, Rodolfo de Alkmim Moreira Nunes, Gustavo Casimiro Lopes, Eduardo Borba Neves, Juliana Brandão Pinto de Castro, Rodrigo Gomes de Souza Vale

Research note

Upward gaze direction increases center of pressure displacement and decreases squat stability
Michael A Kohn, Melissa C Smith, Daniel J Goble


Effectively optimizing esports performance through movement science principles
Takehiro Iwatsuki, Goichi Hagiwara, McKenna Elyse Dugan

Open Access
A tactical periodisation model for Gaelic football
Shane Mangan, Kieran Collins, Con Burns, Cian O’Neill

Field hockey from the performance analyst’s perspective: A systematic review
Felicity Lord, David B Pyne, Marijke Welvaert, Jocelyn K Mara

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