Educational video: Why do we play games? by Michael Stevens, Vsauce

play-videoMichael Stevens (born January 23, 1986) is an American science educator and internet personality, best known for being the creator and host of Vsauce. Vsauce comprises a number of YouTube channels created by Stevens and other YouTubers. The channels are known for producing videos relating to various scientific topics, as well as gaming, technology and other topics of general interest.

The questions of games, and why we play them, is of fundamental academic interest. We recently pouted our Facebook followers to a latter-day critique of one on the classic contributions to this field, and there are many other views and definitions out there. Michael Stevens has produced a clever 12 minute movie that presents the whole idea of play and games, and it’s insightful as well as humorous. This would probably be a good introduction to the study of sport in higher education. so teachers, sit up and take notice!

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