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    Call for Papers | Play on the Edges. 3rd Global Conference, Nov. 1–3, Prague, Czech Republic

    3rd Global Conference: Play on the Edges Saturday 1st November – Monday 3rd November 2014 Prague, Czech Republic Play on the Edges is a special track within the larger conference on Play. While “play” may connote games, theatrical performances, and other more traditional connotations, we invite submissions on this special “edgy” conceptualization of “play.” One might think of Play as a metaphor for...

    Call for Papers | 3rd Global Conference: Play, November, 2014, Prague, Czech Republic

    3rd Global Conference Saturday 1st  November – Monday 3rd November 2014 Prague, Czech Republic “Unlike children in other countries, the Eskimos played no game of war. They played with imaginary rifles and harpoons, but these were never directed against people but against the formidable beasts that haunted the vast wastes of their land.” (Marie Herbert)   Call for Presentations The interdisciplinary project Making Sense Of: Play seeks to...

    Educational video: Why do we play games? by Michael Stevens, Vsauce

    Michael Stevens (born January 23, 1986) is an American science educator and internet personality, best known for being the creator and host of Vsauce. Vsauce comprises a number of YouTube channels created by Stevens and other YouTubers. The channels are known for producing videos relating to various scientific topics, as well as gaming, technology and other topics of general interest. The questions of games, and why we play them,...
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