Debate on violence in sport at Sport&EU

The latest issue of Sport&EU Review featured the launch of a series on violence in sport. In an introductory contribution, Bart Ooijen provided a short report on the role and actions taken by the European Commissionto prevent violence from occurring in sport. The editorial team of the Review decided to carry on the debate online and recently posted a second contribution to the thread: in it, Jonas Havelund and Lise Joern from theSection of Sport Science at Aarhus University reflect on the categorisation of supporters as either “Risk” or “Non-Risk” by European officials. The short commentary can be read here:

Authors and correspondents are warmly invited to keep the debate running by sharing their view on the matter with the Sport&EU community! Aspiring contributors should email for information or submissions.

Also, please note that the deadline for submission of research articles and legal commentaries for publication in the Spring issue of Sport&EU Review is 31 December! The guidelines for contributors can be found here:

Happy reading and a happy holiday season from the Sport&EU Review editorial team!

Alexander Brand, Simon Licen and Arne Niemann
Sport&EU, The Association for the Study of Sport and the European Union can be found at

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