Communication & Sport, Vol. 10, 2022, No. 3



A Fracturing Profession on Shifting Terrain: Challenges and Directions for Sports Journalism
Marie Hardin and Andrew C. Billings

Research Articles

Towards a “Digital” Sports Journalism: Field Theory, Changing Boundaries and Evolving Technologies
Gregory Perreault and Travis R. Bell

“Cutting Editors Faster Than We’re Cutting Reporters”: Influences of The Athletic on Sports Journalism Quality and Standards
Nicholas R. Buzzelli, Patrick Gentile, Sean R. Sadri, and Andrew C. Billings

Just How They Drew It Up: How In-House Reporters Fit Themselves Into the Sports Media System
Michael Mirer

Recruiting Reporters’ Perceptions of Ethical Issues
Sam Winemiller, Adam Love, and Jason Stamm

Sports News, Commentary and Interviews, From the Other Side: Journalists Seen Through the Eyes of Athletes
Ondřej Trunečka

Open Access
Sports Journalism Content When No Sports Occur: Framing Athletics Amidst the COVID-19 International Pandemic
Sean R. Sadri, Nicholas R. Buzzelli, Patrick Gentile, and Andrew C. Billings

Media Narratives About Concussions: Effects on Parents’ Intention to Inform Their Children About Concussions
Meghnaa Tallapragada and Gregory A. Cranmer


Open Access
Duty of Karius: Media Framing of Concussion Following the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final
Adam J. White, Keith D. Parry, Connor Humphries, Simon Phelan, John Batten, and Rory Magrath

Open Access
Masculinities, Media and the Rugby Mind: An Analysis of Stakeholder Views on the Relationship Between Rugby Union, the Media, Masculine-Influenced Views on Injury, and Concussion
Keith Parry, Adam J. White, Jamie Cleland, Jack Hardwicke, John Batten, Joe Piggin, and Nathan Howarth


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