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    Managing Sport and Leisure, Volume 28, 2023, Issue 1

    Managing Sport and Leisure is a refereed journal that publishes high quality research articles to inform and stimulate discussions relevant to sport and leisure management globally. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Outcomes of NFL Europa on community sport clubs byJulian Alonso Restrepo & Christine Wegner.

    Do we need another collection of sociology of sport articles? Our reviewer thinks so.

    The Oxford Handbook of Sport and Society, edited by Lawrence A, Wenner (Oxford UP), features leading international scholars’ assessments of scholarly inquiry about sport and society. Divided into six sections, chapters consider dominant issues within key areas, approaches featured in inquiry, and debates needing resolution. Our reviewer is Richards Giulianotti, who edited the Sage four volume set The Sociology of Sport in 2012, and he finds that this new collection, some unnecessary omissions notwithstanding, is a welcome addition to the existing list of handbooks in the field.

    Excellent collection of essays that contributes to a well-explored field

    Athlete Activism: Contemporary Perspectives, edited by Rory Magrath (Routledge) examines the phenomenon of athlete activism across all levels of sport, from elite and international sport, to collegiate and semi-pro, and asks what this tells us about the relationship between sport and wider society. Our reviewer Steph Doehler finds that the collection, albeit less international than proclaimed, still expands knowledge in the field – besides being both insightful and thoroughly entertaining.

    Mostly successful collection on how social media and digital communication technologies impact sports in various ways

    Jimmy Sanderson’s Sport, Social Media, and Digital Technology: Sociological Approaches (Emerald Publications) brings together a collection of essays from leading global scholars to illustrate how sociological approaches are imperative to enhancing our understanding of sport and social media and digital technology. A collective of sport sociologists at Nord University, Norway has read the book as a book group, bringing many various experiences and perspectives into a rich review highlighting the book’s strong points as well as its weaknesses.

    Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education, Volume 16, 2022, Issue 3

    JSSAE provides a forum for discussion and analysis on the unique characteristics of sports and athletics participation in education. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Comparison of active and passive recovery using local heat in lactate removal in cyclists by Iván L. Duque-Vera, Isabella Ma. Urrutia-Illera & Blanca I. Ramírez-Forero.

    A strong collection of essays on some of sports most compelling figures

    Written by a range of scholarly contributors from multiple disciplines, The Circus Is in Town: Sport, Celebrity, and Spectacle (University Press of Mississippi) contains careful analyses of such megastars as LeBron James, Tonya Harding, David Beckham, Shaquille O’Neal, Maria Sharapova, and Colin Kaepernick. Steph Doehler’s review reveals an entertaining book of great academic value for those interested in sport sociology, and sport communication and journalism.

    Sport in Society, Volume 25, 2022, Issue 8

    Academics in various disciplines are writing about sport. Sport in Society is a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary forum for academics to discuss the growing relationship of sport to significant areas of modern life. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Where do they all come from? Youth, fitness gyms, sport clubs and social inequality by Mads Skauge & Ørnulf Seippel.

    An introduction to the negative aspects of sport

    This Advanced Introduction to the Sociology of Sport, claims the publisher (Edward Elgar Publishing), highlights the relationship between sport and violence, brain injury, social class, sexual minorities, gender, and race. That's fine with our reviewer, Alan Bairner, but Eric Anderson’s and Rory Magrath’s effort does not, according to Professor Bairner, qualify as an introduction, advanced or otherwise, to the sociology of sport.

    Leisure Studies, Volume 41, 2022, Issue 3

    The emphasis of Leisure Studies is on theoretically informed critical analyses within the social sciences and humanities of the topics that constitute leisure as a subject field – including the arts, tourism, sport and more. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: The importance of support for sport tourism development among local residents: the mediating role of the perceived impacts of sport tourism by Miaw-Xian Chang, Yuen-Onn Choong, Lee-Peng Ng & Ai-Na Seow.

    Communication & Sport, Vol. 10, 2022, No. 3

    C&S is a cutting-edge peer-reviewed quarterly that publishes research to foster international scholarly understanding of the nexus of communication and sport that engages a broad intellectual community. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Duty of Karius: Media Framing of Concussion Following the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final by Adam J. White, Keith D. Parry, Connor Humphries, Simon Phelan, John Batten, and Rory Magrath.
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