Communication & Sport Vol. 1, No. 3, September 2013


Special Issue: Women and the Sports Media


c&sWomen Play Sport, But Not on TV: A Longitudinal Study of Televised News Media
Cheryl Cooky, Michael A. Messner, and Robin H. Hextrum
Communication & Sport 2013;1 203-230

The Better Sportswomen Get, the More the Media Ignore Them
Mary Jo Kane
Communication & Sport 2013;1 231-236

Why Female Athletes Remain on Sport’s Periphery
Karen Crouse
Communication & Sport 2013;1 237-240

Want Changes in Content?: Change the Decision Makers
Marie Hardin
Communication & Sport 2013;1 241-245

Women, Sports, and Journalism: Examining the Limited Role of Women in Student Newspaper Sports Reporting
Hans C. Schmidt
Communication & Sport 2013;1 246-268

Exploring Elite Female Athletes’ Interpretations of Sport Media Images: A Window Into the Construction of Social Identity and “Selling Sex” in Women’s Sports
Mary Jo Kane, Nicole M. LaVoi, and Janet S. Fink
Communication & Sport 2013;1 269-298

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