Call for Participation | “From Talent Development to Injured Athletes in Danish Hockey – Past, Present, Future” | Conference, 11th May 2018, Aalborg University Sydhavn, Copenhagen. Call ends April 20, 2018

During the Ice Hockey World Championship 2018 in Denmark, you now have the opportunity to join us for a unique and exciting insight into state-of-the-art science related to ice hockey.

In collaboration with the Danish Ice Hockey Union (DIU), The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), and Team Denmark, Aalborg University opens the doors for a two-track conference:

  1. Talent development in both a national and international perspective with a special emphasis on the trajectory of development for danish ice hockey.
  2. Head injuries and concussion in contact sports like ice hockey and biomechanics methods for physical assessments. The latter will include hands-on demonstrations at the venue.

Confirmed Speakers

    • Luc Martin, Queen’s University, CDN
    • Olaf Eller, Head Coach of the Danish U20 National Hockey Team
    • Jesper Damgaard, former Captain of the Danish National Hockey Team
    • Cameron Abbott, Head Coach of Rögle BK and former player of Lulea HF
    • Nigel S. King, Oxford University, UK
    • MD, Prof. Emeritus Yelverton Tegner, Lulea Technical University, SE
    • Blaine Hoshizaki, University of Ottawa, CDN
    • Dr. Stephen Norris, Performance Conversationalist, CDN
    • Dr. Luc Martin, Queen’s University, CDN
    • Reinhard Stelter, University of Copenhagen, DK
    • Carsten Hvid Larsen, University of Southern Denmark, DK
    • Associate Prof. Jens Christian Nielsen, Aarhus University, DK
    • MD, Prof. Emeritus Jens Haase, Aalborg University, DK
    • Uwe G. Kersting, Aalborg University, DK
    • Niels Rossing, Aalborg University, DK

Internationally, Denmark represents an outstanding example of talent development in ice hockey, with the last two decades launching Denmark into international awareness. This conference aims to provide participants with a view into sports psychology, sports sociology, biomechanics and sports medicine. Professionals from all over the world are expected to participate, and will be introduced to groundbreaking perspectives anchored in ice hockey.

Target Group

The conference is aimed at gathering everybody with an interest in either sports psychology, talent development, biomechanics or sports medicine. Practitioners within elite sports and/or talent development, physiotherapists, scientists, and students are all welcome to attend the unique setup in the captivating location of AAU Sydhavn.

Other Relevant Information

LOCATION: Aalborg University Copenhagen | Room 1.001 Conference Hall
A.C. Meyers Vange 15 | 2450 Copenhagen SV
ORGANIZERS: Sport Sciences, Aalborg University, DK
T.A. Prof. Johan Frederik Banzhaf contact:
Prof. Pascal Madeleine contact:
MD, Prof. Emeritus Jens Haase
Prof. Uwe Kersting
Niels Rossing
PRICE per attendee: 500,- dkk (catering and VAT included)
REGISTRATION LINK: groups-centres/Sports+science/

Click here to download conference program!

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