Call for Participants | Interactive seminar “Communities & Crisis – Inclusive Development through Sport”

Communities & Crisis

22-28 October 2014

icsspe-inclusionFrom 22 to 28 October 2014, ICSSPE is hosting the 7th edition of the interactive seminar “Communities and Crisis – Inclusive Development through Sport.” Since the first seminar was held in 2007, over 350 men and women from all over the world have come to Rheinsberg, Germany, to benefit from unique insights into the usage of sport for inclusive community building, crisis management and social development.

International experts and practitioners from the fields of sociology, psychology, social work and physical activity/education will once again deliver a hands-on training programme. Through both theoretical and practical learning sessions, participants will learn how to implement Sport-for-Development programmes.

“Communities and Crisis” aims to convey the importance of a careful design of these programmes, particularly with regards to aspects of cultural diversity, gender, age and physical ability, so as to ensure a positive development and avoid potentially harmful effects.

Specific subject areas covered in the seminar include:

  • Psychological aspects of trauma and trauma relief
  • The usage of sport, physical activity and play in community building and disaster relief
  • Development of adapted and inclusive physical activity programmes
  • Gender equality and gender issues in social problem areas
  • Child protection, inclusion of children and youth
  • Sustainability of Sport-for-Development programmes and social entrepreneurship
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Job opportunities

As in previous years, ICSSPE is once again co-hosting this exciting seminar together with Kennesaw State University (USA) and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium).

Sessions will be facilitated by the following experts:

  • Prof. Dr. Gudrun Doll-Tepper (Freie Universität Berlin)
  • Prof. Dr. Ardith Peters (Kennesaw State University)
  • Prof. Dr. Irene McClatchey (Kennesaw State University)
  • Prof. Dr. Alan Kirk (Kennesaw State University)
  • Mr. Joeri Verellen (KU Leuven)
  • Prof. Dr. Dean Ravizza (Salisbury University)
  • Ms. Jutta Engelhardt (Swiss Academy for Development)
  • Ms. Pia Ammann (Swiss Academy for Development)
  • Mr. Ken Black (Loughborough University)
  • Ms. Lydia la Rivière Zijdel (Lydia Zijdel Foundation)
  • Mr. Pierre Bataille (PlayAble)
  • Ms. An Van de Putte (Limburg Catholic University College)
  • Dr. Marianne Meier (Technical University of Munich)
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ungerer-Röhrich (Bayreuth University)
  • Mr. Gerald Guskowski (German Society for International Cooperation)
  • and others.

The seminar targets participants from a wide range of different backgrounds who are interested in learning about the potential of sport as a tool for inclusive development. In the past, participants have, for example, included advanced undergraduate and graduate students from various academic disciplines as well as first-line service providers in affected communities.

As a result of previous editions of this seminar, ICSSPE has entered a partnership with the Red Cross/Red Crescent Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support, Technical University of Munich and the Swiss Academy for Development in order to create a handbook on Sport and Physical Activities in Psycho-Social Interventions. Starting this year, the handbook will be distributed to thousands of frontline Red Cross/Red Crescent workers as a tool aiding them in incorporating physical activity into their interventions.

Once more, “Communities and Crisis” will take place at HausRheinsberg Hotel am See in Rheinsberg, Germany. Situated about 90 km northwest of Berlin, HausRheinsberg is Germany’s first hotel specifically designed for patrons with disabilities. As such, it offers the ideal setting for the seminar with its fully-equipped and accessible gym as well as full conference facilities.

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