Call for Papers: The Life Cycle of Leisure Activities (Loisir et Société / Society and Leisure)

  • Guest Editor: Mr André Suchet
  • Guest Editor: Mr Robert Stebbins

Deadline: 1 November 2013

lessal-dsA majority of authors in the social sciences, whatever their generation or theoretic bent, agree that human activities are subject to cycles of considerable amplitude: an initial phase starts with birth and the growth of activity, then another phase of full growth with sustained development, and finally, a phase of maturity marked by a slowing down, stagnation, even decline of activity. Numerous publications in economics, sociology, management and even geography are based on this model. And leisure seems particularly concerned with this process.

The studies in this special issue will treat of emergent leisure practices, such as the Laser Game and the 3D cinema in Europe – it is notably the problem of adoption of an invention rather than of its innovation – but also of activities now well diffused such as the adventure parks. What are the parameters of these practices, their standardization and marketing or, on the contrary, what it the individualization of the offering and the growth of demand? Finally, this theme also treats of the status of leisure in real life, evident in decline seen in, for example, hang gliding, wind surfing and, already, certain electronic games. If the leisure sports often attract attention, creative, traditional, cultural and educational leisure should also be of interest. The same holds for domestic and computer leisure and for the hobbies of do-it-yourself, gardening, berry picking, and fishing and hunting. Studies are also welcome on the concept of serious leisure, to demonstrate the difference and similarities between the life cycles of the main categories of leisure activities from the games of children to the professionalization of certain activities.

Instructions for Authors

Loisir et Société/Society & Leisure is a scientific international journal devoted to the publication of paper on leisure, with a multidisciplinary perspective. Loisir et Société/Society & Leisure is referenced by the ISI Web of Knowledge of Thomson Reuters, and by AERES in France (Ministry of Higher Education and Research). Entries must be submitted by email to the editor before November 1, 2013 and they must include:

  1. The manuscript in .rtf or .doc format;
  2. A title page containing the article’s title and the writers’ information: the name of the writer or writers, their titles and their institutional affiliation; their recognitions (acknowledgments, sources of funding); their postal addresses. The first page of the manuscript must not contain the writers or writer’s name or contact information;
  3. A summary paragraph, not exceeding 150 words.
    Tables, diagrams and notes are to be embedded in the right places of the text. Images and photographs must have an original resolution of at least 130 dpi.

Text should not exceed 60 000 characters (including spaces).

We ask writers to adopt the American Psychological Association (APA) style for manuscripts (references, tables, diagrams, etc.).

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