Call for Papers | The History of Women’s football in Britain and Ireland between 1845 and 1990 | Call ends January 2, 2022

Women’s football in 1917 in Portsmouth, England. One club wears white jerseys over the hip and black knee socks. The other dark sweaters and also long knee socks. Everyone wears some kind of cap/hat. In the background factories and houses. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

This year marks 100 years since the FA implemented its ban on women playing football on affiliated grounds, as well as 50 years since UEFA recognised the sport.

Dr Fiona Skillen (Glasgow Caledonian University), Dr Gary James (De Montfort University) and Helena Byrne are proposing an edited collection on the history of the growth and development of women’s football in Britain and Ireland between 1845 and 1990. We are therefore asking for abstracts from interested authors by January 2nd, 2022. We are interested in receiving abstracts on a variety of topics.

Potential topics include but are not limited to:

      • The FA Ban
      • The impact of the FA Ban at a local or national level, particularly in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland.
      • Other national bans on women’s football
      • The growth and development of women’s football at local or regional level
      • The media
      • The role of World War One
      • The role of World War Two
      • International tours
      • The role of the church and state in curtailing the development of women’s football
      • Women’s sporting equipment relating to the playing of football
      • Heritage policies to preserve the history of women’s football

We are particularly interested in work which explores the lesser known historiography of women’s football in countries such as Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Please send questions to any of the editors.


To submit a proposal for consideration, email the abstract (500 words) and a short bio by January, 2022 to all editors, Fiona Skillen, Gary James, and Helena Byrne

Once the selection of papers has been decided (end of January 2022), papers of 6,000 words maximum (including references) are due to the editors by August 15, 2022. Revised chapters will be due early 2023 with expected publication of the book in late 2023.

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