Call for Papers: Special issue on “The Impact of Technology in Sport Management”. Extended deadline

jasm-dsJournal of Applied Sport Management Call for Papers

Special Issue on “The Impact of Technology in Sport Management”

Over the last few decades, the application of technology has been increasing within the sport industry. While technology has been utilized in the enhancement of sport competition from an athlete’s perspective, practitioners have also relied on technology in a variety of ways to do work more efficiently and effectively. Concepts such as Sabermetrics, data mining, and ticketing software all reflect early methods of technological application within sport management. However, with the dynamic landscape of technology in recent years, aspects of social media and analytics have become the new frontier in sport industry and its use of technology. The purpose of this special issue of JASM is to explore the various ways that technology and its advancements have utilized in the management of sport organizations and programs. JASM is seeking manuscripts that address these innovative approaches to sport management, specifically focusing on the application from a practitioner and management perspective. While the various uses of technology within sport are diverse, case studies in this regard are highly encouraged. Additionally, qualitative, quantitative, and conceptual approaches are equally encouraged.

Subject coverage may include, but is not limited to, the following: 

  • Analytics
  • Customer relationship management
  • Donor and prospect management
  • Event management
  • Facility management
  • Personnel recruitment
  • Social media
  • Ticketing solutions


All papers must be submitted online by October 1, 2013. To submit a paper, please go to http://js.sagamorepub. com/jasm/about/submissions. If you experience any problems submitting your paper online, please use the “contact us” link on the Sagamore Publishing website.

Guest Editors 

Please direct any inquires to: 

Dr. William A. Sutton
Professor and Director
USF Sport and Entertainment Management
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
(813) 974-7781

Dr. J. Michael Martinez 
Assistant Professor
School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management
Troy University, Troy, AL 36082
(334) 670-5763

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