2nd Call for Papers: Sport and Recreation Law Association 2014 Conference


The Sport and Recreation Law Association Board of Directors invites the submission of abstracts for the 27th Annual Conference on Sport, Physical Activity, Recreation and Law to be held February 26th – March 1st , 2014, in Orlando, Florida, hosted by Troy University.


  • Abstracts are due no later than Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 11:59p.m. EST. Submissions received after this date and time will not be considered for acceptance.
  • All abstracts must be submitted electronically in a Microsoft Word file, attached to an e-mail sent to Colleen McGlone (Past-President and Program Chair) at cmcglone@coastal.edu.
  • The e-mail shall include SRLA Abstract Submission in the subject line of the email.
  • In the email message accompanying the abstract, include the principal author’s name, postal mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number.
  • Timeline for handling of Abstracts is as follows (barring unforeseen circumstances):
    • June 6—Call for Papers Issued
    • Oct. 15—Deadline for Submission
    • Oct. 31—Abstracts Delivered to Reviewers
    • Nov. 9—Due Date for Return of Reviews to Program Chair
    • Nov. 15 – 30—Authors Notified of Acceptance or Rejection
  • Only the first listed author will be notified of acceptance or rejection. He/she is responsible to notify all other authors listed in the abstract proposal


To be considered for acceptance, abstracts must reflect research on legal theory or the application of law to sport, physical activity, or recreation management issues. Additionally, proposals indicating research regarding innovative teaching techniques applied to legal issues in sport, physical activity, or recreation management may be considered. Abstracts regarding innovative teaching techniques may also be submitted to the Teaching Initiatives Committee pursuant to its separate Call for Submissions; however, a dual submission, if accepted, will be included in the Conference Program only once.

The abstract should provide sufficient detail about the presentation so that reviewers have sufficient information to judge its quality. Abstracts will undergo a three-person, blind-review process to determine acceptance. Authors may submit up to three (3) proposals of which no more than two (2) may be sole-authored proposals. An exception will be granted when a faculty advisor is listed on a student submission, in which case the faculty advisor must clearly indicate in the author section of the submission that she/he is a faculty advisor and will not be a co-presenter at the conference. If the abstract is accepted, the faculty advisor will be listed in the conference program as an advisor rather than a co-presenter. A separate submission to the Teaching Initiatives Committee that is not also submitted for the regular conference program will not count toward the total permitted submissions.

Abstracts submitted to SRLA may not (a) be concurrently submitted for consideration to another conference, (b) have been previously presented at another conference, or (c) reflect work published prior to October 2013.

A student submitting a research project for consideration for the Bernard Patrick Maloy Student Research Award may also submit an abstract of the project in response to the Call for Papers. In such event, the student must indicate clearly in the e-mail accompanying the abstract proposal that the same research project is submitted to both the Student Research Competition and the Call for Papers.

Submission of an abstract(s) acknowledges the intent of the presenter(s) to register for the Conference, pay the appropriate registration fee, and present the research. All accepted abstracts will be published as submitted both in the Conference Proceedings and on the SRLA website.

If accepted, SRLA will post your abstract and presentation on the SRLA website, unless you notify the program Chair that you desire to opt out of posting on the website.


All abstracts must be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word attachment. An example of a previous abstract is located below.

  • Presentation Format Options (minutes listed are inclusive of time needed for Q & A)
    • 25 minute oral presentation on research or teaching
    • 75 minute symposium, roundtable, workshop or forum on research or teaching
    • Poster presentation
  • B.  Abstract Format Requirements:
    • Single-spaced
    • One-inch margins
    • Times New Roman 12 point font, and
    • 400-word maximum for a 25 minute oral presentation and posters, and 600-word maximum with a reference list (not included in the 600 word limit) for a 75 minute presentation
  • Abstract Content
    • Line 1: Length of Session Desired: (choose from the three options above)
    • Line 2: Keywords: List three to four keywords that will help the program coordinator to schedule similar topics in succession.
    • Line 3: Joint Submission: Please indicate here if
      • You are a student submitting a research project for consideration for the Bernard Patrick Maloy Student Research Award, or
      • You are contemporaneously submitting a teaching techniques presentation to both the regular conference track and for consideration by the Teaching Initiatives Committee.
    • Line 4: Author(s):
    • Line 5: Indicated all author(s) name(s) and institution(s) centered on the page. If you are including your name as the faculty advisor, not as a co-presenter, please indicate here.
    • Line 6: Presentation title:
    • Line 7: Blank
    • Line 8: Enter title here, centered in bold font
    • Line 9: Blank
    • Line 10: Text of abstract.
  • Abstract File Name: The Word file should be named with the last name of the first author preceding 2014 abstract (e.g., Author Name 2014 SRLA Abstract). In the event that more than one primary-authored abstract is submitted, the author should identify the abstracts by number (e.g., Author name1 2014 SRLA Abstract; Author name2 2014 SRLA Abstract, etc.)


All questions relating to this Call for Papers should be directed to Colleen McGlone, Past-President and Program Chair, by phone at 843.349.2989 or via e-mail at cmcglone@coastal.edu.


  • Length of Session Desired: 25 minutes oral presentation
  • Keywords: Title IX, Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, School Liability
  • Joint Submission: No.
  • Author: 
    • Paul J. Batista, JD
    • Texas A&M University
  • Presentation Title: 
    • Title IX Cheerleading Case Garners School District “Three Cheers” from Fifth Circuit
  • Body of Abstract placed here.

Colleen A. McGlone, PH.D
Associate Professor,Recreation & Sport Management Program
Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport Studies Dept.
College of Natural & Applied Sciences
Coastal Carolina University
P.O. Box 261954
Conway, SC 29528-6054

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