Call for Papers | Social Justice Through Sport and Exercise Psychology Symposium 2022 | University of Tennessee, Knoxville, March 31–April 1, 2022. Call ends February 1, 2022

Megan Rapinoe kneeling in solidarity with then-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, 2017.

The aim and purpose of this symposium is to bring together sport and exercise psychology researchers and practitioners whose work focuses on social justice and praxis, marginalized communities, participants lacking scholarly attention, or that falls outside the positivist mainstream of sport psychology. A main purpose of this symposium is to connect people passionate about these issues so that we can share our work as well as support and encourage each other. The symposium structure will encourage interaction and dialogue so that we may discuss professional issues as well as our research and practice. Although the focus is on sport and exercise psychology, we welcome submissions from scholars and practitioners from related disciplines.

The Symposium will consist of sport and exercise psychology research and praxis presentations as individual presentations and symposia. All presentations should clearly relate to the overall topic of social justice. Presentations must be original work, including theoretical or conceptual topics, reviews of literature, praxis or professional practice, creative works, innovative teaching practices, and/or policy. Individuals are limited to two submissions.

Individual presentations will be presented by one person (can be co-authored) and will be 20 minutes in length. Upon acceptance, they will be grouped into sessions with 3-4 presentations followed by ample time for discussion.

Symposia or Workshops will be presented by 2-4 individuals and will be 60 minutes in length followed by approximately 30 minutes of discussion.

2020 Accepted Abstracts: If you had an abstract accepted for presentation at the cancelled 2020 symposium and you want to present that exact submission, you can resubmit the abstract and your previous acceptance will be honored. Please resubmit the abstract following the instructions below. Above the title of the abstract, please type (in bold) PREVIOUSLY ACCEPTED FOR 2020 SYMPOSIUM. If you prefer to submit a different abstract, it will be considered as a new submission and reviewed accordingly.

Abstracts will be evaluated based on the following criteria:  Fit with the purpose of the symposium, originality, and clarity of writing.

Submission Procedures

(NOTE: abstracts not conforming to these guidelines will be returned to the lead author)

      1. Provide type of submission (individual, symposia, workshop)
      2. The length of the abstract must not exceed 350 words
      3. Use Times Roman 12-point font, 1 inch margins, left justified
      4. Place the title on the top line in bold, capitalizing ONLY the first letter of each word. On the next line, list the corresponding (lead) authors’ first and last name, affiliation, and email address. On separate lines below that (single-spaced), list each additional author by name and affiliation. Double space and then add the abstract, which must be single-spaced.
      5. Format abstract consistent with APA Publication Manual 7th edition.
      6. E-mail abstract to Tanya Prewitt-White ( Please send as a doc or docx document.

Submission of an abstract indicates that if your proposal is accepted, you will attend the symposium and pay the registration fee.

Any questions? Contact Vikki Crane!

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