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To understand the complex nature of sport, innovative and relevant research methodologies are essential. There is no one best research approach:  Quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods approaches all have a place and it is vital that sport researchers use designs that are most applicable. The aim of this special issue is to advance our theoretical understanding and practical application of research in sport. We are aware that scholarly research in this field has evolved from various science and business disciplines and therefore we are keen to encourage cross-disciplinary contributions, encompassing a variety of methodologies (such as quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods), whilst keeping a sport focus. This special issue therefore aims to provide examples of a range of research methodologies that can be applied in sport research. We seek submissions that demonstrate the methodological eclecticism that is available to the sport researcher and legitimizes the distinctiveness of sport research perspectives and agendas.

The special issue seeks submissions from researchers across a range of sport disciplines including (but not limited to), sport management, sport sociology, sport philosophy, sport economics, sport psychology, sport politics and sport governance and policy.  When investigating the diverse, complex and changing contemporary field of sport we recognize there is no methodology that meets the needs of all sport. Possible research methodologies therefore include (but are not limited to):

  • Innovative quantitative experimental, correlational and survey research designs
  • Research paradigms categories such as post-positivism, critical theory, constructivism, and participatory design models
  • Mixed method approaches that demonstrate how the sport researcher can merge, integrate, link or embed both separate types of data

Submission Instructions

Submissions are due on or before 1st September 2015 via the S&S online submission system.

All manuscript submissions must adhere to the Sport in Society ‘Guide for Authors’

To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for review in relation to the special issue it is important the authors select ‘Research methodologies and Sports Scholarship’ when they reach the ‘Article Type’ step in the submission process.

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