Call for Papers | “Concussion in Sport, Exercise, and Performance: Psychological  Perspectives” | Special issue of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

Special Issue Editor: Anthony P. Kontos University of Pittsburgh
Deadline: January 1st, 2017


Concussion occurs in millions of sport participants, exercisers, and performers, each year. These injuries often involve psychological sequelae, such as emotional disturbances, anxiety, and depression. However, we know little about the psychological issues associated with concussion. We know even less about the therapies and treatments, which might be effective in managing psychological issues following a concussion.

This special issue of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology (SEPP: Impact factor = 1.756) will focus on psychological perspectives of concussion in sport, exercise, and performance. The objective of this issue is to provide the reader with emerging research on psychological issues associated with concussion. We are interested in receiving submissions that describe primarily empirical studies, but we will also consider reviews (e.g., meta-analyses, systematic reviews), as well as  commentaries.

Topics for the special issue may include but are not limited  to:

  • Psychological issues associated with concussion
  • Risk factors for psychological outcomes following concussion
  • Application of psychology of injury models to understanding concussion
  • Treatments and therapies for psychological issues following concussion
  • Role of coping and social support in concussion recovery
  • Sleep and psychological outcomes following concussion

All submissions should be < 30 pages, including references. A blind review will be used to evaluate submissions in accordance with the journal’s high standards (i.e., minimum of two referees) and the intended focus of the special issue.

All submissions should be made online at the SEPP manuscript submission portal  at:

 For more information about this special issue please contact: Anthony P. Kontos, Ph.D. at or 412-432-3725

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