Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education Volume 18, June 2016

jhlste-dsFull Length Article

Is the road to effective assessment of learning outcomes paved with good intentions? Understanding the roadblocks to improving hospitality education
Original Research Article, Pages 21-32
Allen Z. Reich, Galen R. Collins, Agnes L. DeFranco

Academic Papers

How to establish a creative atmosphere in tourism and hospitality education in the context of China
Original Research Article, Pages 9-20
Yong-Quan Li, Chih-Hsing Liu

Practice Papers

Embedding experiential learning in HE sport coaching courses: An action research study
Original Research Article, Pages 1-8
Colum J Cronin, Jonathan Lowes

Using research-based evaluation to inform changes in the development of undergraduate sports science education in Ethiopia
Original Research Article, Pages 42-50
Tefera Tadesse, Sisay Mengistu, Yehwualashet Gorfu

Building your brand: The integration of infographic resume as student self-analysis tools and self-branding resources
Original Research Article, Pages 61-68
Jason W. Lee, Terence Cavanaugh


Internship performance and satisfaction in sports: Application of the proactive motivation model
Original Research Article, Pages 33-41
Wan Chen Lu, Che-Chun Kuo

An assessment of students’ acceptance and usage of computer supported collaborative classrooms in hospitality and tourism schools
Original Research Article. Pages 51-60
Faizan Ali, Pradeep Kumar Nair, Kashif Hussain

Examination of student loyalty in tourism and hospitality programs: A comparison between the United States and Hong Kong
Original Research Article, Pages 69-80
Cindy Yoonjoung Heo, Seoki Lee

Influence of curriculum quality and educational service quality on student experiences: A case study in sport management programs
Original Research Article, Pages 81-91
Jingxian Zhang, Junqi Wang, Sophia D. Min, Kenny K. Chen, Haiyan Huang

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