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    Call for Papers | Frontiers Research Topic: “Thinking and Doing Intersectionality in Sociology of Sport” | Call ends September 30, 2021

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its intersectional impacts, as well as the recent intensification of activism and protest related to racialized and gendered injustices, the moment is ripe to revisit and reflect on the concept of intersectionality, including within the field of sociology of sport. We ask: How has intersectional theorizing and analysis figured within sociology of sport to date? We are encouraging contributors to view this as a unique opportunity to create a collection that is accessible and relevant to practitioners in sport.

    Offentligt försvar av doktorsavhandling | Glitch i Idrottslandet: en kritiskkreativ undersökning av queeranden inom svensk idrott(svetenskap) | Eva Linghede, GIH, fredagen den 13 december 2019

    Det här är en avhandling om glitchande idrottare. Om glitch i relation till dominerande berättelser inom idrottsforskning. Och om ett glitchande sätt att vetenskapa. Avhandlingen består av fyra artiklar och en inledande ramberättelse - kappan. En knallrosarosa läderkappa med krånglande dragkedja, glittriga silvernitar och sömmar som spruckit och spricker. Här och var väller lager på lager av ljusrosa tyllfoder fram.

    Call for Papers | “Concussion in Sport, Exercise, and Performance: Psychological  Perspectives” | Special issue of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

    This special issue will focus on psychological perspectives of concussion in sport, exercise, and performance. The objective of this issue is to provide the reader with emerging research on psychological issues associated with concussion. We are interested in receiving submissions that describe primarily empirical studies, but we will also consider reviews as well as commentaries.
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