Call for Papers | 2015 Center for Performance Psychology Conference, La Jolla, CA | February 20–21

Holly Sisk Roselle, keynote speaker.
Holly Sisk Roselle, keynote speaker.

The 2015 Center for Performance Psychology Conference brings together diverse constituencies in the field of performance psychology and peak performance to share advancements and collaborate on future developments. Attend and learn about the future of performance psychology!

  • Designed for academics, professionals, and participants in performance-based venues
  • Keynote speakers address the value of performance psychology and the value of mental preparation
  • Panel discussions cover the latest field research and interventions utilized by athletes and others
  • Presentations of academic papers on applied or research topics in the field

Conference topics

Performance psychology in:

  • Sport
  • Fine Arts
  • High-Risk Occupations
  • Corporate Populations
  • Youth-Level Competition
  • Military Populations

Keynote speakers

  • Dr. Doug Gardner Coordinator of Mental Training Services, NFL Players Association
  • Dr. Holly Roselle Mental Performance Specialist, Naval Special Warfare

General information

Early registration is recommended due to limited seating. For more information about the Performance Psychology Conference, please visit the Center for Performance Psychology website at or contact the conference coordinator, Sarah Castillo, at or (760) 268-1584. Check out the conference folder here!

About the National University System Center for Performance Psychology

The National University System Center for Performance Psychology works collaboratively to provide the latest research on athletic and peak performance to athletes, parents of athletes, coaches, and organizations to foster performance excellence.

Led by prominent figures in the field of sport and performance psychology, the Center combines the latest technology and research to help athletes and others achieve their performance goals and to assist coaches and managers to improve team building and communication skills.

Conference registration fee

  • Professional $75
  • Student $25
  • National University System Students Free

Hotel accommodations

Hotel Indigo | 710 Camino Del Mar | (858) 755-1501

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