Call for Applications | Researcher Links Workshop: Sport and Social Transformation in Brazil | 10-13 March, 2015

protest-in-brazil-ant-fifaUnder the Researcher Links scheme offered within the Newton Fund, the British Council and Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo – FAPESP (2004/50504-8) will be holding a workshop on the above theme in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil on 10-13th March, 2015.

The workshop is being coordinated by Prof. Simone Fullagar and A/Prof. Ricardo Uvinha, and will be supported by other leading researchers; Dr. Michael Silk, University of Bath and Prof. Tess Kay, Brunel University (UK), with Prof. Luiz Gonzaga Godoi Trigo and Dr Alexandre Leonarde, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil).

The workshop will bring researchers together to examine the complex range of sociocultural impacts that arise from the design, management and legacy planning for mega sport events. The impacts on local populations, spaces and community identities are deeply interconnected with processes of social transformation that occur via urban redevelopment and relocation, the promotion of sport development to enhance social cohesion, tourism development, and education, health and employment programs.

The workshop location in the city of Sao Paulo, as the World Cup 2014 opening match site, will enable participants to consider the localised context of sport and social transformation. Sport will serve as the workshop catalyst to bring together scholars from diverse disciplines in order to identify synergies between research agendas, different methodological approaches and the potential for international comparison (leisure studies, sociology, urban studies, politics and international development).

    • The workshops will provide a unique opportunity for sharing research expertise and networking. During the workshops early career researchers will have the opportunity to present (a short oral presentation) and discuss their research with established researchers from the UK and State of Sao Paulo.
    • There will be a focus on building links for future collaborations and networking activities.
    • Participants will be selected on the basis of their research potential and ability to actively contribute to creating and sustaining longer term links.
    • FAPESP and the British Council can provide funds for:
      1. International (economy return) airfares for up to 20 researchers (including Workshop Coordinators and Mentors) from the UK to travel to Sao Paulo and back.
      2. Local travel costs for attendees (Sao Paulo State).
      3. Allowances to cover meals, personal costs for the participants and accommodation for all external attendees for up to 5 nights in the city where the workshop will take place.

Although this cost will not be covered by the British Council, participants are encouraged to purchase an adequate travel and medical insurance. The British Council accepts no responsibility for any problems which may occur when the participants are in-country. Applicants will need to ensure that they apply for a visa in time to participate in the workshop.

Application – due 1st December, 2014 (5pm)

The full application below must be completed and submitted to Prof. Simone Fullagar  (UK applicants) or A/Prof. Ricardo Uvinha (Sao Paulo applicants).

Eligibility Criteria

    • Applications must be submitted using the Researcher Links application form
    • Application must be submitted by the above deadline
    • Participants must be early career researchers: Early Career Researchers are defined as holding a PhD (or having equivalent research experience) and having up to 10 years post-PhD research experience.
    • Participants must have a research or academic position (a permanent post, research contract, or fellowship etc) at a recognised higher education institution either in the UK or in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    • Workshops will be conducted in English and applicants need to demonstrate proficiency in their written application.

Quality Assessment

    • Experience and relevance of the applicant’s research area to the workshop
    • Motivation and contribution to the aims of the workshop
    • Description of the long term impact expected through the participation in the workshop
    • Ability to disseminate workshop’s outcomes

Selection Procedure

    • Independent panels at the University of Bath and the University of Sao Paulo will determine the quality and eligibility of applications in relation to the set criteria.
    • The applications and recommendations of the two panels in the UK and Sao Paulo will be reviewed by FAPESP and the British Council who will identify how many applications will be approved.

Notification of results

Applicants will be notified by email six weeks after the call for applications (6th January, 2015).

Equal Opportunities

The British Council is committed to equal opportunities and diversity in all its activities and this includes the avoidance of any bias in the assessment of applications due to gender, disability, racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or religious belief. Participants’ selection undertaken by workshop organisers must not contravene this policy. Support to enable participation of early career researchers with particular access needs will be provided.

Please find application form in this file. Applications are due on December 1, 2014.

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