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    Workshop | Cycling through gendered lives: exploring the link between structural gender inequalities, gender norms and mobility practices in Japan and beyond | January 20–21 2022

    This workshop will explore the link between structural gender inequalities, cultural gender norms, and women’s bicycling practices. Research works from around the world will be confronted to the “critical case” of Tokyo to identify ways forward for research on gender and cycling. To accommodate researchers from several different countries, and given the ongoing travel uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, this workshop will be held online.

    Call for Participation | Mastering Oral History: The Concise Guide | International Workshop by GIRES, the Global Institute for Research, Edcuation & Scholarhip, in Amsterdam, June 19, 2021. Call ends June 15,...

    Our workshop offers a step-by-step guide that will help you find your way through the maze of an oral history project. During the workshop you will learn about the essential tools and actions so you organize, manage and lead a successful project. We designed the workshop in a dynamic way so it can be beneficial for all participants despite their experience in such a field. Students, young scholars independent researchers and history, culture and tradition enthusiasts are welcome in our friendly and welcoming GIRES environment.

    Call for Participation | Workshop: Women and Mountaineering| Frauenmuseum Hittisau, November 21–23, 2018.

    Over the course of its development mountaineering/alpinism has experienced an outstanding linking with male values and concepts of (heroic) masculinity. As a result women mountaineers and their achievements were marginalized or downright disregarded. These lectures will be published in a special edition of the “International Journal of the History of Sport”.

    Call for Papers | “Disrupting the Good Intentions of Sport (as a Tool for Inclusion and Integration)” | Linköping University, August 15–17 2018. Call ends February 4, 2018

    Sport has been proposed as a potential facilitator for ‘integration’ and ‘social inclusion’ of migrant populations into hosting countries. In this workshop, we welcome papers that are investigating the field of sport and physical activity through a critical lens, highlighting the challenges within existing traditions and working towards inclusive and participatory practices.

    Call for Papers | “The Rise of International Sport on the Arab Peninsula: Politics, Art, Ethics” | 9th Gulf Research Meeting, University of Cambridge, UK, July 31-August 3, 2018....

    The accelerated rate of modernization on the Peninsula allows little room for error, and the vast wealth being invested in the infrastructure for art and sport on the Peninsula is sobering. The workshop will bring a critical perspective to the rise of regional and international sport on the Peninsula, as well as open lines of inquiry on this development among scholars from across the disciplines.

    Idrottens främsta inom jämställdhet till workshop i Örebro

    I en gemensam workshop om jämställdhet och idrott delar deltagare med sig av erfarenheter och arbetsformer, och ringar in särskilt viktiga områden för framtida insatser. Bakgrunden är att jämställdhetsarbetet inom idrotten går trögt och att destruktiva manlighetsnormer fortfarande dominerar.

    Call for Papers | Workshop: Austerity Measures and Economic Recession: Financial Constraints in Sport | European Association for Sport Management Conference, 7–10th September, 2016, Warsaw, Poland

    The overarching purpose of this workshop is to gather theoretical and practical perspectives on the impact of austerity measures on the sport sector within the Eurozone. Historical and critical “memories and identities” of the Eurozone as related to funding mechanisms of sport are also going to discussed.

    Call for Sub-theme Workshops, 24th EASM Conference, Warsaw, September 7–10, 2016

    EASM invites sport management scholars to organise Workshops on various sub-themes of sport management at the 24th EASM Conference in 2016. The conference theme will be “Memories and identities in sport management in Europe”.

    Workshop: Athlete welfare | Clarke Willmott LLP, 1 Georges Square, Bristol, Monday 23 November 2015

    Why would an athlete who has a new born baby, a loving husband, and a seemingly thriving sport career try to end her life by attempting suicide? Why might another successful athlete, who regularly wins international championships, experience life as a roller coaster, where mood swings cause them to self-harm?

    Call for Participation | Power and Corruption: Sporting Mega-Events, International Sports Organisations and the Future of Sport | Mansfield College, Oxford, UK, Sept. 23, 2015

    The workshop is a space to share work, grapple with ideas and ask questions. Discussions will be driven by two key questions: how does power corrupt international sport and sports mega-events? And how can modern, international sport reform itself?
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