Baltic Journal of Health and Physical Activity Volume 5, Issue 3

bjhpa-dsThe influence of lower extremity coronal plane movements on the passive regulation of instantaneous loading mechanics during running
Sinclair, Jonathan Kenneth / Taylor, Paul John / Hobbs, Sarah Jane

Kinematic analysis as a part of objective method of functional classification in disability swimming – Pilot studies
Dziuba, Alicja K. / Kolodziej, Agata / Zurowska, Anna

Differences in bioelectrical activity of quadriceps muscle during various types of contraction
Niespodzinski, Bartlomiej / Lukowicz, Malgorzata / Mieszkowski, Jan

Generic versus specific sprint training in young soccer players
Jastrzebski, Zbigniew / Radziminski, Lukasz / Dargiewicz, Robert / Jaskulska, Ewelina / Barnat, Wojciech / Rompa, Pawel

An assessment of a volleyball player’s loads in a match on the basis of the number and height of jumps measured in real-time conditions
Wnorowski, Krzysztof / Aschenbrenner, Piotr / Skrobecki, Jerzy / Stech, Mirella

Religiousness and health locus of control in Polish Physical Education students
Guszkowska, Monika / Kuk, Anna

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