Baltic Journal of Health and Physical Activity Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2013

Please note, all articles are open access. Click on title to go to full text (by way of abstract). No registration required.

bjhpa-dsPolish Fans’ Emotions during EURO 2012
Wilczewska, Ina / Boski, Paweł
Page 7

Risk Factors for Disagreement between Self and Proxy Reports on Physical Activity of Children and Young Adolescents
Gałaś, Alaksander / Florek, Marzena
Page 17

Psychological Aspects of the Polish National Team Performance at EURO 2012 Tournament in the Opinion of Students from Sports- and Humanities-Oriented Universities
Krokosz, Daniel / Jochimek, Magdalena / Lipowski, Mariusz
Page 27

Motivation for Undertaking Extracurricular Physical Activity in Adolescents
Droblińska, Izabela / Hejmowska, Agata / Mazurkiewicz, Natalia
Page 37

The Image of a Football Fan as Depicted in Research Literature and the Present Study
Makurat, Franciszek
Page 45

Situational and Personal Determinants of Corruption in Sport
Gracz, Jacek
Page 59

Sports Arena vs. Crowd Psychology – A Psychosocial Analysis of Polish Football Fans’ Participation in UEFA EURO 2012
Kulmatycki, Lesław
Page 70

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