World Leisure Journal, Volume 62, 2020, Issue 4 | Contributions on the topic of leisure during COVID-19


Atara Sivan
Pages: 295-295 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825249

Invited Papers

Reflection on leisure during COVID-19
Atara Sivan
Pages: 296-299 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825260

Leisure and COVID-19 in Brazil: brief impressions
Antonio Carlos Bramante
Pages: 300-302 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825263

Citizenship and leisure in pandemic times
Danilo Santos de Miranda
Pages: 303-305 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1828785

Thinking about leisure during a global pandemic
Suzanne de la Barre, Garret Stone, Janet McKeown & Joanne Schroeder
Pages: 306-310 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825264

Leisure in the time of coronavirus: indigenous tourism in Canada and the impacts of COVID-19
Dylan Swaikoski
Pages: 311-314 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825266

COVID-19 pandemic in China: observation and reflections
Lijun Jane Zhou & Lucen Liu
Pages: 315-318 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825267

Interpretation of leisure sports in the pandemic situation of COVID 19
Ping Ling
Pages: 319-321 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1828786

Leisure in times of COVID-19: reflection on Hong Kong and Israel
Atara Sivan
Pages: 322-324 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825268

Lifestyle changes during Covid-19 period in Hungary – feedback of university students
Miklós Bánhidi & Gyöngyvér Lacza
Pages: 325-330 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825251

Leisure pursuits in South Africa as observed during the COVID-19 pandemic
Marié E. M. Young
Pages: 331-335 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825252

COVID-19 reflections
Chiung-Tzu Lucetta Tsai
Pages: 336-338 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825253

Leisure will not be locked down – insights on leisure and COVID-19 from the Netherlands
Marco van Leeuwen, Yvonne Klerks, Bertine Bargeman, Jasper Heslinga & Marcel Bastiaansen
Pages: 339-343 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825255

Open Access
Cultural leisure in the time of COVID-19: impressions from the Netherlands
Lénia Marques & Guilherme Giolo
Pages: 344-348 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825256

Leisure activities in Turkey during stay-at-home time
Esra Erturan-Ogut & Giyasettin Demirhan
Pages: 349-351 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825258

COVID-19 and Leisure in the United States
Stephen Anderson
Pages: 352-356 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1825259

Research Paper

Leisure constraints and negotiation strategies of South Korean university students living in single-person households: a grounded theory exploration
Wangoo Lee, Lip Shin & Chul Jeong
Pages: 357-377 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1739120

Research Notes

Place of refuge photos and research note: how the Mayo Clinic uses the serious leisure perspective within a mechanical and humanic environmental healthcare design to reduce stress
Rodney B. Dieser, Renee Ziemer & Christopher R. Edginton
Pages: 378-384 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2019.1669217

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