The Sport Psychologist Volume 27, Issue 1, March 2013

Sheldon Hanton

Applied Research

In the Cage: MMA Fighters’ Experience of Competition
Peter Jensen, Jorge Roman, Barrett Shaft, Craig Wrisberg

Best Coaching Practices for Developing Team Captains
Daniel Gould, Dana K. Voelker, Katherine Griffes

“In the Boat” but “Selling Myself Short”: Stories, Narratives, and Identity Development in Elite Sport
David Carless, Kitrina Douglas

Acquisition of the Long Jump Skill, Using Different Learning Techniques
Flora N. Panteli, Charilaos Tsolakis, Dimitris Efthimiou, Athanasia Smirniotou

Perfectionism and the ‘Yips’: An Initial Investigation
Ross Roberts, Mike Rotheram, Ian Maynard, Owen Thomas, Tim Woodman

Mind Over Matter, The Development of The Mental Toughness Scale (MTS)
Leilani Madrigal, Sharon Hamill, Diane L. Gill

Research Note

Athletes’ Decision-Making in Career Change-Events
Roy David Samuel, Gershon Tenenbaum

Superstition & Religious Ritual: An Examination of their Effects and Utilization in Sport
Anthony Michael-Jude Maranise

Professional Practice

Mindful Recovery: A Case Study of a Burned-Out Elite Shooter
John Jouper, Henrik Gustafsson

Book and Resource Reviews

Case Studies in Applied Psychophysiology: Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Treatments for Advances in Human Performance
Stephen Sideroff

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