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    Performance Enhancement & Health, Vol. 8, 2020, Issue 2–3

    Performance Enhancement & Health (PEH) is an international, peer-reviewed journal that critically explores the health implications of pharmacological, genetic, psychological and other technological enhancements of the human being. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: “OH TAKE SOME MAN-UP PILLS”: A LIFE-HISTORY STUDY OF MUSCLES, MASCULINITY, AND THE THREAT OF INJURY by Ieuan Cranswick, David Richardson, Martin Littlewood, David Tod.

    Curro, ergo sum

    Kalle Jonassons recension av antologin The Anthropology of Sport and Human Movement: A Biocultural Perspective sammanställd av Robert R. Sands och Linda R. Sands bjuder på en tankeväckande diskussion om idrott, vetenskap och idrottsvetenskap.
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