Performance Enhancement & Health, Vol. 8, 2020, Issue 2–3


Bodies of knowledge: Women, ethnopharmacology, and online space
Ellen Sverkersson, April Henning

Open Access
Fifty shades of grey? On the concept of grey zones in elite cycling
Bertrand Fincoeur, April Henning, Fabien Ohl

An examination of anti-doping education initiatives from an educational perspective: Insights and recommendations for improved educational design
Julian (Jules) R. Woolf

A proposal for theoretical and empirical extension of the sociology of anti-doping
Patrick Trabal, Ekain Zubizarreta

“Oh take some man-up pills”: A life-history study of muscles, masculinity, and the threat of injury
Ieuan Cranswick, David Richardson, Martin Littlewood, David Tod

Balancing mission creep, means, effectiveness and legitimacy at the World Anti-Doping Agency
Daniel Read, James Skinner, Daniel Lock, Barrie Houlihan

Looking ‘acceptably’ feminine: A single case study of a female bodybuilder’s use of steroids
Justin Kotzé, Andrew Richardson, Georgios A. Antonopoulos

Prevalence for evidence-based doping regulation—A lawyer’s perspective
Marjolaine Viret

The effects of psychological skills and mindfulness on well-being of student-athletes: A path analysis
Brian J. Foster, Graig M. Chow

Compartmentalised disciplines: Why low energy availability research calls for transdisciplinary approaches
K.L. Schofield, H. Thorpe, S.T. Sims

Psychophysiological stress and performance in Jamaican junior track and field athletes
Eon Campbell, Melanie Poudevigne, Rachael Irving, Lowell Dilworth, Wendel Abel, Janel Bailey

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