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    Performance Enhancement & Health, Vol. 8, 2020, Issue 1

    Performance Enhancement & Health (PEH) is an international, peer-reviewed journal that critically explores the health implications of pharmacological, genetic, psychological and other technological enhancements of the human being. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: WHY ARE PLACEBOS NOT ON WADA’S PROHIBITED LIST? by Bengt Kayser.

    Important sport critique fails to engage wider audiences

    In his latest book, Making Sport Great Again: The Uber-Sport Assemblage, Neoliberalism, and the Trump Conjuncture (Palgrave), sociologist and leading left-leaning sport critic David L. Andrews, Professor of Physical Cultural Studies, University of Maryland, delivers a fiercely critical analysis of the state of sport under neoliberalism. However, as our reviewer Paul Dimeo notes, Andrews’ ideas of democracy and inclusion are cloaked in nigh on impenetrable sociological vernacular.

    Antidopningsarbetets kris i [något slags] belysning

    Den internationella idrottens kris är nära sammankopplad med förekomsten av och kampen mot dopning. Dessa frågor behandlas i Paul Dimeos och Verner Møllers kritiska studie av dagens antidopningsregim under WADAs ledning, The Anti-Doping Crisis in Sport: Causes, consequences, solutions (Routledge). Men lyckas författarna övertyga vår kritiske recensent Björn Sandahl?

    A critical understanding of how the legal framework for anti-doping has developed

    Doping in Sport and the Law by Ulrich Haas & Deborah Healey (eds., Hart Publishing) is a couple of years old, but, as our reviewer Paul Dimeo points out, “yet key texts such as this can help us understanding contemporary and future problems”. Paul recommends the book for anyone interested in anti-doping, sports ethics and/or sports law.

    Två antologier om dopning och anti-dopningsarbete – från tidskriftsnummer till böcker

    Björn Sandahl har läst två Routledge-antologier, A Global History of Doping in Sport: Drugs, Policy, and Politics av John Gleaves & Thomas M. Hunt (red) och Anti-doping: Policy and Governance av Barrie Houlihan & Mike McNamee (red). En del bra bidrag, tycker vår recensent, men varför har dessa två gamla tidskriftsnummer publicerats som böcker, rakt av?
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