Call for Participation | Eliminating violence in sport and creating safety for athletes | Safe Sport International inaugural conference, Madrid, April 6–7, 2018

Former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, seen here in November 2017, was sentenced to 60 years in prison for child pornography

There is increasing recognition that violence threatens not only the ethical and social basis of sport but also the physical, emotional and mental health of the athlete. Rights violations of concern include: sexual, physical, psychological abuse and neglect.

Safe Sport International (SSI) is holding its inaugural conference to address research evidence, policy responses, preventive strategies and the growing demand for safe sport practice to secure sport as a place of safety for all athletes.

There is much to be discussed about the global situation with respect to prevalence, forms of violence, national and local differences, gaps and the impacts of unsafe sport. We will present the latest research and evidence about the nature and size of the problem of violence in sport. We will address where we are making progress and where are there openings for more research, policy and practice development.

In addressing global prevention strategies, we ask what exists, who is using them and to what effect. This includes attention to the latest in ethical guidelines, codes, policies and safeguarding standards.

Further, what happens when there is a case? We ask what practices are being used by governmental or non-governmental organisations, international or national sport organisations, or institutions, and to what effect. The conference will conclude with a comprehensive look at the way forward.

We are lining up a cadre of internationally renowned researchers, policy developers, analysts and practitioners in this first global effort to bring greater coherence to the field of safe sport.

Speakers include

Kari Fasting, Professor Emerita, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Norway (Board Member Safe Sport International)
Gretchen Kerr, Professor, University of Toronto, Canada
Sandra Kirby, Professor Emerita, University of Winnipeg, Canada (Board Member Safe Sport International)
Trisha Leahy, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Sports Institute, Hong Kong (Co-chair Safe Sport International)
Karin Lofstrom, Director KL Sports, Canada
Sylvie Parent, Associate Professor, Laval University, Canada
Daniel Rhind, Senior Lecturer Brunel University, UK
Bettina Rulofs, Akademische Oberrätin, German Sport University Cologne, Germany
Tine Vertommen, Researcher, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Anne Tiivas, Director at NSPCC CPSU, UK (Co-chair Safe Sport International)
Gloria Viseras – (Oro, Plata y Bronce, Athlete Representative Safe Sport International)
Susanne Woessner, Director of Safe Sport, USA Swimming


Please visit the conference web site for information of prices and on how to register!

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