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    Call for Participation | “Central and Eastern Europe Football Fans’ Identities: What Happened over 30 Years?” | Webinar, September 24, 2021

    More than 30 years after the fall of communism in Central and Eastern Europe, enough time has elapsed to allow researchers to provide detailed answers to one question: how have the region’s football fans’ identities transformed and what these evolutions can teach us about their respective societies. The dialectical analysis of disruptions and continuities with the recent past will shed light on several aspects of fans’ identities.

    Call for Papers | Frontiers Research Topic: “Spectator Sport and Fan Behavior”. Call ends April 9, 2021

    Spectator sports represents one of society’s most universal leisure activities. While event attendance and media consumption have received a great deal of attention from scholars, there is a growing understanding that sports fans interact, both physically and digitally, with their favorite teams in numerous other ways. The aim of this Research Topic is to explore fan behaviors in many different areas, involving sports media and the (ever changing) digital environment.

    Call for Papers | Frontiers Research Topic: “Sport and Community”. Call ends May 31, 2021

    We welcome submissions employing a range of disciplinary, methodological, and theoretical approaches. We define sport broadly and would welcome work in competitive, recreational, leisure and physical activity contexts, addressing the relationship between sport and community. That is, work should engage in some way beyond individuals and explore ideas of community, authenticity, relationships, context, place, collectivity, inclusion, belonging, social justice, or a common good.

    Call for Papers | Central and Eastern Europe Football Fans’ Identities: What Happened over 30 Years? | Webinar, May 14, 2021. Call ends March 15, 2021

    How have the Central and Eastern Europe’s football fans’ identities transformed and what can these evolutions teach us about their respective societies? Geographically, our interest spans Bulgaria, Czech Republic, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, the former Yugoslav (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia) and Soviet republics and Albania.

    Call for Papers | Frontiers Research Topic: “The Social and Psychological Outcomes of Sport Spectatorship”. Call ends June 30, 2021

    The purpose of this article collection is to shed light on the wider utility of sport spectatorship to achieve social and psychological outcomes in different countries, contexts, and populations. We strongly encourage novel and innovative approaches to researching this topic – notably conceptual and/or methodological aspects that are inclusive and accepting of the ontology and epistemology of the community within which the research is conducted.

    Book announcement | Politics, Ideology and Football Fandom: The Transformation of Modern Poland, by Radosław Kossakowski, Przemysław Nosal, and Wojciech Woźniak

    This book examines how fans develop political identities and how those identities can influence the wider political culture. It surveys the turbulent history of Poland in recent decades and explores the dominant right-wing ideology on the terraces, characterised by nationalism, ‘traditional’ values and anti-immigrant sentiment.

    Call for Papers | “Female Fandom: A Global Perspective”, Special Issue of Soccer & Society | Call ends May 1, 2020

    The increasing interest for girls and women to follow football, both live and through old and new media, raises important issues regarding politics, engagement, identity, gender, and power relations. This special issue of Soccer & Society, with guest editors Aage Radmann and Susanna Hedenborg, highlights female fandom in a global perspective. We welcome multi-disciplinary approaches to the theme.

    Call for Papers | Understanding Rivalry and Its Influence on Sports Fans | A book edited by Cody T. Havard, The University of Memphis. Call ends April 15, 2018

    With a strong understanding of what causes and influences rivalry, and how it impacts sport fans, this book seeks to answer additional questions regarding the phenomenon while presenting new areas of research that can help guide inquiry into the subject.  We seek high- quality original research and academic commentary chapters that will reach this end.

    Call for Papers | “Consuming Athletic Labor” | Special issue of Journal of Sport and Social Issues

    The history of modern sport has been defined by a wide range of labor struggles, from individual contract disputes to collective acts of workplace dissent, protest, and unionism. This special issue of the Journal of Sport and Social Issues will consider the place of fans and fandom in the labor relations of modern sport.

    Journal of Sport & Social Issues Vol. 39, No. 2, April 2015

    Journal of Sport and Social Issues (JSSI) brings you the latest research, discussion and analysis on contemporary sport issues. Using an international, interdisciplinary perspective, JSSI examines today's most pressing and far-reaching questions about sport. Special Issue: Focus on New Media & Sport (Part 2)
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