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    Calls for Papers | “(Re-)Placing Sport: Anthropological perspectives on a global problem”, Inaugural conference of the International Network of Sport Anthropology | Durham University, UK, April 18–19, 2024. Call...

    At the International Network of Sport Anthropology, we recognise the need to challenge the hegemonic force of sport. We invite researchers from all related disciplines to consider how we might place sport more appropriately in context, seek to re-place it elsewhere, or indeed replace it altogether. We challenge researchers to consider more closely what sport is, including recognising that the very idea of ‘sport’ now permeates much of social life, affecting the ways definitions are formed.

    Call for Papers | “Anthropology of Sport“, Hybrid Conference | Universidade de Coimbra, February 8–9, 2024. Call ends November 15, 2023

    The conference Anthropology of Sport, focused on the relationship between Philosophical Anthropology and Sport, also aims to open the field of reflection to different areas of knowledge, intending to provide the opportunity to think freely and have the widest possible scope. Offering a heterogeneous and interdisciplinary academic environment, where the Philosophy of Sport will certainly provide an open horizon for reflections and contributions from across the spectrum of academic knowledge, promoting the sharing of research, thought, and practice.

    Call for Papers |Sport in the Peripheries – Past and Present | Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, June 13–14, 2015

    We seek submissions from scholars working in diverse fields (history, anthropology, sociology, media studies, cultural studies, among others) as our intent is to facilitate a dialogue that is as interdisciplinary as possible.