Call for Papers | “Anthropology of Sport“, Hybrid Conference | Universidade de Coimbra, February 8–9, 2024. Call ends November 15, 2023

The Anthropology of Sport is not one of the major academic fields consolidated in its connection to the Philosophy of Sport. This is because, on the one hand, philosophical anthropology itself has become a forgotten, and often pillaged, space, and on the other, because much of the literature is scattered, linked to the personal tastes of the authors or very specific niches of research. In this sense, the proposal to hold this conference would have its maximum utility in serving the mapping of the state of the art and consolidating the area of studies itself. Historically, the anthropology of sport is at a doctrinal crossroads between those that have crystallized in the biological and cultural conceptions, of the more classical authors, and those that have developed their studies about local and ethnographic contexts, of particular themes or objects, approaching an almost autonomization and infinite fragmentation. If we could draw an ideal horizon as a platform, it would be that of a common bridge that would allow the encounter between tradition and innovation, and finding in this mobile space the anthropology of sport as an interdisciplinary territory at the confluence of philosophical anthropology, history, and cultural anthropology. In essence, it would mean rethinking the anthropology of sport in the light of its inexplicit principles: alterity-diversity-identity. And rescue the archaeological aura of the anthropology of sport in the continuation and respect for its study of the past, but also the affirmation of the present, in the attention and care of contemporaneity.

The conference Anthropology of Sport, focused on the relationship between Philosophical Anthropology and Sport, also aims to open the field of reflection to different areas of knowledge, intending to provide the opportunity to think freely and have the widest possible scope. Offering a heterogeneous and interdisciplinary academic environment, where the Philosophy of Sport will certainly provide an open horizon for reflections and contributions from across the spectrum of academic knowledge, promoting the sharing of research, thought, and practice.

The conference will have a free spirit, but encourages the submission of proposals, as an indication only, on the following topics:

      1. Philosophical Anthropology
      2. Multiplicity of Anthropology, Ethnology and Ethnography
      3. Authors
      4. Memory and ludic tradition
      5. History of sport: antiquity, modernity, and contemporaneity
      6. Gestures, words, and games
      7. Local cultures, communities, and unique geographies
      8. Movement and indigenous culture
      9. Global geographies and new geographies
      10. Anthropology, technology: present and the future
      11. Case studies and/or diverse areas: economics, religion, politics, etc.
      12. Arts (music, photography, theater, painting, cinema, etc)
      13. Sport, play, and the body
      14. Ritual and history

Abstracts should be sent to with a small biographical note and may be submitted in English or Portuguese. Presentations will be 20 minutes in English or Portuguese. Conference proceedings will be published in e-book format in English and Portuguese. Participation (online or in-person) are free.

Important dates

Submission: until 15 November 2023
Notification of the decision: 30 November 2023


Constantino Pereira Martins
Instituto Estudos Filosóficos – University of Coimbra / Centro de Estudos Clássicos e Humanísticos – University of Coimbra

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